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Why Kolfox Can Be Your Reliable Electric Smart Clothing Manufacturer

Over 16Years Smart Clothing Manufacturing Experience 

Kolfox is a leader of Electric clothing manufacturer with Rich experience

SGS,CE,UL,ROHS,ANSI Standard Qualified 

Some of our Electric clothing have been certificated by SGS,CE,ROHS,UL etc

Patent Design & Commercial Protection

Kolfox’s mission is Safe,Smart ,Creative ,we always have new design or patent designs for market and we treat our clients as a life long partnership.

24/7 Online Support

We have 24/7 online service to support your any important requirements,contact us now.

4-8 Hours Quote

You will get an instant quote within 4-8hours ,even if we have time difference.

12 Hours Troubleshooting 

We promise to give you a solutions for all your product problems within 12 hours .

What We Manufacturing

For the past 16 years, Kolfox provides on-demand manufacturing and supplies services and designs for intelligent electric apparel with battery  like heated apparel,cooling jacket or heating healthcare wear. 

The electric heated apparel including heated jacket,heated vest,heated hoodies,heated gloves,heated socks,heated insoles,heated scraf,heated body warmer and much more in 12V, 7.4V or 5V power supply . Whether you are a designer, worker, apparel wholesaler, or a startup business company , outdoor sports club or industry equipment company, Kolfox is the perfect fit for your warm apparel , gear or tools needs on Skiing,motorcycle,hiking,hunting,camping, climbing, walking a pet,working,fishing,riding,etc industry.

We’re excited to start working with you! If you have any ideas in your mind,or some finished wear artwork and ready to move forward to the next step. We also offer our customers the ability to effectively and regularly outsource services In China base on our strong supply chain on electric line and apparel line.

Kolfox Team will always be your best life time partner,manufacturer and supplier for electric Intelligent Apparel and asset your business 

Whatever Type Of Electric Smart Clothing, Kolfox Can Fullfill The One-Stop Solutions

Kolfox is one of the best manufacturer and supplier of electric smart clothing in China, and we manufacturing and supplies a wide range of electric smart clothing such as heating system apparel, cooling system apparel, Lighting system apparel and other electric smart function apparels on market.

.Best of all, you will get all these premium quality products at a competitive market price.  With Kolfox electric smart clothing manufacturing and supplies, you can startup your business or expend your products easily. Kolfox has various of electric smart clothing with safe ,smart and creative. We have work with many brand smart electric apparel company in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Spain, Germany, France etc 60 countries. and our brand customers have expend their electric smart apparel production line from  1 to 20 items. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier on any electric smart clothing , just Contact us now. You will be satisfactorily if you work with our team.

Heated Jacket

Kolfox is a leading heated jacket supplier and company in China since 2004

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated jacket ,such as 12V motorcycle heated jacket, 7.4V heated jacket or 5V heated jacket , heated hunting jacket,heated down jacket,heated fleece jacket,heated softshell jacket,heated Hi Vis jacket,Heated skiing jacket , heated jacket for women, heated jacket for men, Led Hi Vis heated jacket etc .

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Heated vest

Kolfox is a leading heated vest supplier and company in China.

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated vests,such as 12V motorcycle heated vest, 7.4V heated vest and 5V heated vest , heated hunting vest ,heated down vest ,heated fleece vest ,heated softshell vest ,heated Hi Vis vest ,Heated skiing vest , heated vest for women, heated vest for men, Led Hi Vis heated vest etc .

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Heated Hoodies

Kolfox is a leading heated hoodie supplier and manufacturer in China.

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated hoodie ,such as  7.4V heated hoodie or 5V heated hoodie , heated hunting hoodie ,heated finshing  hoodie ,heated fleece hoodie ,heated Hi Vis hoodie ,Heated skiing hoodie , heated hoodie for women, heated hoodie for men, etc .

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Heated Clothing

Kolfox is a leading heated clothing supplier and company in China.

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated clothing ,such as 12v Heated motorcycle clothing, 7.4V heated clothing or 5V heated clothing, heated clothing for hunting ,Skiing,motorcycle,climbing,working,sports ,fishing etc ,and heated workwear ,heated clothing for women and men, heated pants,heated underwear ,heated coat,heated parka etc .

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Heated Gloves

Kolfox is a leading heated gloves supplier and company in China 

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated gloves,such as  12V heated gloves or 3.7V heated gloves , heated hunting gloves ,heated fishing  gloves ,heated work gloves,,heated Hi Vis gloves,Heated skiing gloves, heated gloves for women and men, heated glove liner,heated mittens,heated hand wamer etc .

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Heated Socks &Footwear

Kolfox is a leading heated footwear supplier and manufacturer in China

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different power supply of heated footwear ,such as 12V heated footwear for motorcycle, 7.4V and 3.7V heated footwear with battery pack.and the heated footwear types including  heated insoles, heated shoes,heated boots,heated socks, heated slippers , Remote heated insoles, Remote heated socks etc .

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Heated Gear

Kolfox manufacturing and supplies various of heated Gear For motorcycle , hunting , Workwear , fishing , skiing , camping ect outdoor actitives  .

We are One of the best manufacturer and factory for heated gears like heated insoles, heated gloves, heated socks , heated hats ,heated scraf,heated mittens,heated body warmer in China, All of them will keep you cozy in Winter .

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Other Heated Products

Kolfox is a leading heated products supplier and manufacturer in China since 2004 with over 16 years experience . We have rich exprience in manufacturing different power supply of heated products ,such as 12V , 7.4V ,5V and 3.7V power supply with battery pack.We manufacturing heated products including Heated apparel ,heated gear, heated sleeping bag , heated lunch bag , heated dog house, heated cat house ,heated mat and more .

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Heated Therapy Products

Kolfox is one of the best manufacturing and supplier of  heated therapy products In China over 10 years.

We manufacturing various of heating Therapy products for all your body , Like Far infrared heating messager for your Head,neck , arm , hand , Chest , waist , belly , legs, feet etc anywhere , To relieve your pain, fatigue and pressure etc .

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Cooling Fan Clothing

Kolfox is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling fan clothing in China, and we manufacturing and supplies various of Cooling Fan Clothing Like Cooling fan jacket , cooling fan vest , air condition jacket , air condition vest , Cooling Sun-proof Jacket etc . To make you feel cool in Hot Weather or Summer . It;s suitable for outdoor wear like Industry workers, Policemen , Cleaners and Builders and so on , It won’t stop your outdoor activities anymore in Summer .

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Intelligent Apparel

Kolfox is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Intelligent smart apparel in China, and we supplies and manufacturing various of Intelligent Clothing like Temperature control  electric smart Apparel , Heated Clothing, Cooling Fan Clothes, Heating therapy Products etc .
Kolfox manufacturing and supplies heated jacket,heated vest,heated hoodies, heated workwear, heated gloves, heated socks , cooling fan jacket, cooling workwear , LED Jacket, Heating therapy products etc over 16 years , and our core market is North America and eroupe markets .

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Heating Pad

Battery & Charger

Kolfox  is a wholesaler and supplier of single charger, battery pack and power bank for electric apparel. we offers various of accessories for smart clothing like battery pack, Power Bank , Cooling Fan , Charger , USB cable etc ,to match your heated apparel , cooling fan clothes, heating therapy products .
We can offer you 3.7V , 5V , 7.4V, 12V Power battery pack or power bank in different capacity , usually we offer 2200mah battery for heated gloves , heated socks , heated hats , heated scraf etc . and 5000mah battery , 6700mah battery , 7500mah battery , 10000mah battery , 14400mah battery for your heated clothing . 

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Best sellers

Kolfox is Best Heated Apparel, Heated Therapy Products and Air conditioned Jacket manufacturer and supplier

Kolfox is a professional leading manufacturer and supplier in producing Smart Apparel in Temperature Control system like Heated Clothing , Heating Therapy Items and Cooling fan clothing, etc  electric clothing with technology Functional . All smart Apparel And Accessories producing or manufacturing by Kolfox are qualitied for North America and Eroupe market. We also work with many brand clients in worldwide . They can passt the CE, UL, Rohs , SGS etc certification with reasonable cost. 
Kolfox is one of the best supplier and manufacturers in China , and we supplies and manufacturing 1000 kinds of Heated apparels such as Heated Jackets, Heated Vests, Heated Hoodies,Heated Pants,heated underwear,heated workwear,heated base layer , Heated Socks.Heated Golves , Heated insoles, Heated shoes, Heated Hats,Heated Scarf ,Heated Clothing, and so on, all our heated products are popular to be used for Motorcycle ,Hunting Skiing , Fishing , Hiking , Climbing , Camping ,riding ,working, walking a pet, etc .And Also some heated life products such as Heated Cat House,Heated Dog House ,Heated Lunch Box ,Heated Mats, Heated Sleeping Bag ,heated Blanket ,heating healthcare items etc Heated Thermal Products .
As one of the Functional Apparel Solution Manufacturers and Suppliers, in the past years we’ve been perfecting our development and production capabilities. We have build The Brand “Kolfox ” for Internatonal Business worldwide.

Why choose us

Customers' comments

Your heated Jacket is so great . we are so looking forward to business with you. our new sales rep works with the freezer industry

Robert / importer, USA

I really like my order ,and my second order is on the way , Thank you so much, Jane.

Olga / importer, ES

if we can get samples in time this could be a big deal

Dean / Distributor, NZ

awsome, everything has turned up.things are here. great now we start to promoting the product

Eric / importer, UK

Thank you so much Jane . We like your heated socks and gloves and apparels.

Chris / importer, France

I like the heated socks with new design rechargeable battery. We will order more next week

Yuriy / Distributor, RU

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 :Are you a trading company or manufacturer ?

A1: We are the factory with heating system ,cooling system,and lighting systems products over 16 years. Our main products including Heated Apparel ( , heated jacket , heated vest, heated gloves, heated pants, heated socks, heated insole ,Heated hoodies , heated scraf etc) in Winter ; cooling system products like cooling fan jacket , air condition vest in Summer ; and also heating therapy products for body healthcare,and lighting or other electric smart  intelligent apparel.we can support you one stop intelligent apparel solutions. 

Q2 : Can we Visit your Factory ?

A1 :Yes,warmly welcome to visit our factory . It would be great if you can inform us in advance. 

Q3 : How About Your smart apparel Quality ?

A3: Our company has advanced production and testing equipment . Every products will do 2-3 times 100% inspection by our QC department, The first inspection is for heating elements or electric parts before producing , we will do snap check during the manufacturing and 100% inspection for all smart clothing before shipment. and we also can support you Top quality materials with UL,Rohs,CE,SGS standard according to clients inquire

Q4 : What kind of Power do you need for your smart clothing ?

A4 : We have manufacturing and supplies 12V, 7.4V , 5V and 3.7V power supply smart clothing , we also can custom as you need . Humen can wear a smart clothing under 36V power, and under 36V power supply is safe .

Q5: How many capacity do you need for your battery pack / power bank ?

A5 :We have 2200mah, 5000mah , 6700mah , 7500mah 14400mah battery pack for electric smart clothing . You can design your battery pack base on the lasting time and power.  Need to know more about this , just send us an inquire, and we will send you a solutions. 

Q6:  How to place a sample?

A6 :Yes, it’s possible to buy a stock electric smart clothing piece from us, and it comes with fast delivery and a low sample cost. If you want to get custom pieces done, we can help with that as well. All you have to do is to work closely with our team, and we guarantee you will be very happy with the experience and results all the time. That alone makes the process and experience better and more engaging than ever before. You will be very impressed with the quality and solutions provided here.

Q10:  How about your price ?

A10 : We offer high quality products with reasonable price,Send us inquire now to know more about our electric smart clothing price , designs, function , material etc.

Q11:  What’s your delivery Time ?

A11 : Stock designs: 3-7days
Customized sample: 15-25days (Base on project and seasons )
Bulk order : 35-60days ( (Base on project and seasons )
We will make the delivery as soon as possible with the guarantee quality , and we will do 100% testing before shipment , this part will cost 3 days .
,Send us inquire now to know more about our electric smart clothing price , designs, function , material ,producing etc.

Q12:  How Should I order and make payment ?

A12: By T/T (Wire transfer )
100% payment in advance for samples.
30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment for mass orders. 

Q13 :What are the advantages of using our intelligent apparel?

A13: We have smart electric solutions and proper temperature control, not to mention 3D design or CAD solutions that help bring your heated clothing to life. If you have any questions or inquiries, just let us know, and our team will be very happy to help!

Making Your Great Ideas Into Reality: How it Works?

The manufacturing of intelligent electric apparel or smart clothing is the core business of our manufacturing and supplies services. Turn your project into reality in 3 steps:

YOUR PROJECT: On receipt of your 3D files or detailed inquired, our design department offers you the best solution suggestion to suit your needs in 24 hours (material, function and quantity to be produced).

PRODUCTION: The manufacture of electric smart clothing occurs in our workshop according to the technology ( heating system , lighting system and cooling systems etc ). 

DELIVERY: Once your smart clothing have been made, you will receive a visual representation by e-mail. Your intelligent apparel will be sent by different shipping ways .If we ship vis express or by Air , it takes 5-7 working days by DHL. A tracking number will allow you to track the package until delivery. If we ship By Sea, it takes 15-25 working days by sea. A B/L will allow you to track the package until delivery.

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You are coming to the right place. On this pages,you will get a clear idea about all electric smart apparel concerned information. 


Advantages Of  Intelligent Apparel At Kolfox

Detailed Temperature Control and smart electric apparel review, comprehensive CAD or 3D design/support, Test sample/prototype,Our manufacturing facility to meet any function or style.

If you have any questions about Intelligent Apparel manufacturing or producing, whether you’re interested in our Intelligent Apparel or our service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can contact us by calling our workshop on (0086) 19925307662 or by sending an email to [email protected] Alternatively, fill in our online inquiry form on below button and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you require.