4 Tips For Electric Warm Heated Clothing

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Can smart heated clothing change human life?

The so-called “smart heated clothing” is a futuristic form of clothing that acts as an active device, for example, releasing cold water vapor when the wearer feels hot. The term “smart heated clothing” refers to the presence of embedded electronic devices. Some forms of smart heated clothing have been created, but in fact they have not been mass-produced, and many more are the themes of science fiction and cannot be manufactured with current technology. Smart heated clothing is very interested in all armies in the world, and they often try to integrate as many functions as possible into a soldier’s equipment.
Military and commercial research scientists seek to develop smart heated clothing with many useful computer features, that is, the ability to store and process data; display images, text, and video; connect to the Internet; provide input devices; and so on. Other possible functions of intelligent heated clothing include the ability to detect chemicals in the air, quickly harden after contact with fast bullets, change color or opacity, generate power through the wearer’s movements, record the wearer’s words and activities, and even The scene behind the wearer is projected to produce a rough form of invisible form based on camouflage. Various “suits” in science fiction and fantasy novels show these characteristics.
Clothes usually mean soft, light, thin and elastic, while most electronic devices are hard, heavy, thick and hard. Only the most advanced customized electronic products have the performance required by intelligent clothing, despite the millions of dollars invested in venture capital to develop this advanced electronic apparel product. For example, it is generally believed that flexible displays will be commercialized before 2010. This will be the first step towards intelligent clothing.
Many futurists believe that one day everyone will wear beautiful clothes because it will be very useful. Few inanimate objects are as closely related to human beings and our daily lives as clothes. If we can increase its functions, it will be very convenient.

 Can mobile phones control smart heated clothing?

In the 21st century, we have witnessed the proliferation of connected cars, homes and countless other devices. Smart home equipment allows remote programming, remote function control and remote diagnosis of various traditional systems of the house. Lighting, home security, heating and air conditioning are all controlled via a home automation hub, smart phone or voice assistant. Given that more and more everyday devices are increasingly closely connected, it is only a matter of time before it is shipped to our clothes: in particular, to create clothes with rich data, provide user feedback, and connect to other digital devices.
remote control heated socks
Advances in micro-sensor technology and textiles have laid the foundation for further destruction of how we wear and wear. Traditionally, innovation and destruction in the textile industry have occurred slowly. For tens of thousands of years, humans have mainly relied on animal skins and plant fibers (such as linen, cotton, leather, silk and hemp) as clothing materials.
   Although fitness and personal health trackers more or less use the term “wearable device”, the public and their manufacturing industries often use it interchangeably with smart clothes. Smart clothing (also known as high-tech clothing, intelligent clothing or electronic textiles) has been defined as “clothing that has been enhanced with technology to increase functionality to go beyond traditional uses.” Some smart clothing uses high-grade textiles with interwoven or printed circuits, Others implement sensors, haptics, and additional hardware to provide smart functions. Many smart clothes can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or GPS to connect to applications or programs on auxiliary devices.
  Clothing can not only measure the function and performance of the body, but also can actually help the wearer improve both. The industries affected by these innovations are diverse. In the sports industry, we have seen smart socks, which can monitor the pressure points of your feet against yoga pants through built-in tactile sense (related to the sense of touch, especially related to the perception and manipulation of objects using sense of touch and proprioception) feedback motor To improve and adjust your posture. The healthcare industry benefits from clothing with biometric measurement functions to obtain real-time data on the health of some of our more vulnerable groups (such as post-operative patients, expectant mothers, elderly or diabetic patients).
   With the advent of advanced and innovative material construction, real-time analysis and machine learning, the boundaries of the Internet of Things continue to evolve. In view of the rapid development of technology, the scale of today’s Internet of Things may not be able to fully cover even the range represented within a few years from now.
   But there is no doubt that wearable devices, especially electronic textiles, also known as “smart clothing”, have positioned themselves as the latest and perhaps the brightest star in the field of Internet of Things.

Are electrically heated clothes harmful to the human body?

Will you get an electric shock?

Battery-heated clothing can keep warm without the need to wear multiple layers of clothing. The windproof fabric makes our portable garments also suitable for use as outerwear. Smart clothing, battery-powered, portable heating system technology. These bundles have been integrated into your intelligence to keep your heart active and stimulate blood circulation in your chest and back.
Olf portable clothing, general attention is focused on the misunderstanding of the battery, especially in rainy days olf Kolfox portable heating clothing is almost impossible to get an electric shock, due to the low voltage of the rechargeable heating system used in smart heating jackets, vests, glove linings, etc. -12V In the following operation, theoretically, when the smart heating glove is dropped into the pool, only a slight buzzing sound can be heard at most.
 heated base layer
Product leakage has many reasons for the workmanship and fabric of the electric heating clothes. There are many hidden safety hazards due to the heat conduction film or battery power in the clothes. When customers complained, a national retailer they worked with recalled their products. Electric heating clothing is the same as all heated clothing. Poor wiring design and workmanship can cause “hot spots” to have safety hazards. You need to buy products that are safe and come from a reputable manufacturer.
Kolfox’s current smart wearable product range includes men’s and women’s electric heating jackets, heating gloves, air-conditioning suits, physiotherapy suits, heating socks, and electric heating.

Can heating clothes be washed? What are the precautions?

Spring is all over most parts of the country, and now the heated clothing by kolfox should be stored until next year.
However, before you do this, it is best to wash your heated clothes to get rid of sweat, dirt and moisture for a season. In this way, everything will be clean at the first sign of coming back in winter.
Of course, the obvious question here is: “Can I safely wash heated clothes?” For most heated apparel sold in kolfox offline stores, the answer is yes, but we recommend that you first check heated clothing manufacturer’s care instructions. These can usually be found on the internal label of the clothing or on the manufacturer’s website, and should always replace any other recommendations for washing that particular item.

 If the heated clothes do not have care instructions, the following general guidelines can be followed:

· Disconnect the battery pack from your heated clothing and store the connector in the battery compartment
· Make sure the pockets of the heated clothes are empty before washing
· Apply stain remover or spot treatment products to heavily soiled areas to improve the chance of cleaning clothes for the first time
· Set the washing machine to the mildest cycle and use only cold or warm water
· Whenever possible, please use a mesh washing bag to wash the heated clothing, especially when it is provided with the heated clothing
· After the washing cycle is completed, immediately remove the items from the machine
· Dry your heated clothes only on a hanger or clothesline
· Do not twist or wring the heated clothes dry, as this may damage the heating elements and connection points
· Battery heated gloves and 12V heated insoles should only be partially cleaned
· Always store heated clothing with the battery removed and cables disconnected
Heated GEAR manufacturer In China
The heated clothing and electric heated gears you buy from kolfox are designed to withstand occasional, gentle washing cycles and line drying. As long as you avoid dry cleaning, twisting and wringing out items, they should come out of the washing machine in good working condition.
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