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Thank you for visiting our website . Kolfox Team will always be your best life time partner,manufacturer and supplier for electric Intelligent Apparel and asset your business .We will get back to you within 24hours if you send us a message or inquiry . Share your ideas with us by writing your comments! Share also to your friends and family,so they will know where to seak help if they want to customize their own brand heated clothing,heated jacket,heated vest,heated socks,heated gloves,Hi-viz heated jacket,led jacket,cooling fan jacket ,electric wear etc Intelligent Apparel , Kolfox will be one of the best electric smart apparel manufacturer and supplier in China.

Really hope we have a chance to serve you and become one of your trustworthy Intelligent Apparel manufacturer and Supplier in China.

About Kolfox: Your Best Electric Apparel Manufacturer & Supplier In China

For the past 16 years, Kolfox provides on-demand manufacturing and supplies services and designs for intelligent electric apparel with battery  like heated apparel,cooling jacket or heating healthcare wear.

The electric heated apparel including heated jacket,heated vest,heated hoodies,heated gloves,heated socks,heated insoles,heated scraf,heated body warmer and much more in 12V, 7.4V or 5V power supply . Whether you are a designer, worker, apparel wholesaler, or a startup business company , outdoor sports club or industry equipment company, Kolfox is the perfect fit for your warm apparel , gear or tools needs on Skiing,motorcycle,hiking,hunting,camping, climbing, walking a pet,working,fishing,riding,etc industry.

We’re excited to start working with you! If you have any ideas in your mind,or some finished wear artwork and ready to move forward to the next step. We also offer our customers the ability to effectively and regularly outsource services In China base on our strong supply chain on electric line and apparel line.