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Kolfox is one of the best leading supplier and manufacturer of cooling fans for air conditioned jacket and vest in Summer. we manufacturing and supplies cooling air condition jacket with cooling fans popular for japan ,eroupe and North america market in summer weather or high Temp work place. We offer OEM, ODM Order and one stop service base on clients. 

Product Name : Cooling Fans



Color : Black .White 

Runing Time: 4-10 hours

Usage : Cooling Fan Jacket,Air Condition Jacket,Cooling Fan workwear

Your Best Cooling Fan Clothing Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Kolfox is a leading cooling fan clothing supplier and manufacturer in China since 2004 with over 16 years experience in electric wear field.Every year we develop new designs for market and we also have patent designs to support VVip clients or special industres.

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different power of cooling fan clothing ,such as 7.4V and 5V cooling fan clothing which are widely used for in sunmmer or high temp work site .Kolfox electric battery cooling fan clothing including cooling fan clothing ,cooling fan jacket, cooling fan vest,cooling fan work wear, Safety Hi Vis air conditioned vest and jacket etc .

ANSI,CE,ROHS,UL,standard are available , including IP68 waterproof and windproof, OEM,ODM orders is avilable .Just send us email about your own design or any idea base on our designs. 

Sometimes we can produce heated gears in stock to support small business or new start business or online buyers. You also can be our KOLFOX brand agency ,dealer or distributor in worldwide market with small MOQ .

Our electric battery clothing products are mainly used in summer, under sunshine,High temperature workplace, and other high-weather hazards like summer,,repairer,hunting,maintenance worker,building worker,architect,manufacture and factory worker,camping, walking,fishing, outdoor work place, or high temperature industry etc. We have designed and manufactured key components for world famouse enterprise. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products high level service and continuous improvement .

Kolfox is your cooling fan clothing one-stop heating system solution company, Contact us get a quick quote today.


Whatever Type Of Cooling Fan Clothing Kolfox Can Fullfill The One-Stop Solution For You

 Kolfox is a one of the best supplier , manufacturer and wholesaler of cooling fan clothing in China, and we provide a wide range of Customize cooling fan clothing such as cooling sun-protective clothing,cooling fan jacket,cooling fan vest, air conditioned workwear jacket,safety Hi vis air conditioned workwear, and many more. Best of all, you will get all these premium quality products at a competitive market price.  With Kolfox cooling fan clothing, you can feel cool in hot weather even if the weather is over 40 degree . They will keep you cool in days and nights over 8-10hours .Wearing Kolfox cooling fan clothing is the Greatest way to make you feel cool . Kolfox has various of cooling fan clothing designs with safe ,smart and creative.

What Are Air Conditions Clothing

Cooling Fan Work Jacket


Cooling Fan Workwear

Cooling Fan Work Jacket


air conditioned jacket

Cooling Sun-protective Jacket


camo Air Conditional Jacket

Cooling Fan Camo Jacket


Hi Vis safety cooling work wear

Cooling Fan Hi Vis Vest


Safety cooling fan vest

Safety Cooling Fan Vest


Air condition Camo vest

Cooling Fan Camo Vest


cooling fan gears

Safety Cooling Fan Jacket


Why Kolfox Can Be Your Reliable Cooling Fan Clothing Manufacturer & Supplier


Over 16Years Cooling Fan Clothing Manufacturing Experience 

Kolfox is a leader of cooling fan clothing manufacturer with Rich experience

SGS,CE,UL,ROHS,ANSI Standard Qualified 

Some of our cooling fan clothing have been certificated by SGS,CE,ROHS,UL etc

Patent Design & Commercial Protection

Kolfox’s mission is Safe,Smart ,Creative ,we always have new design or patent designs for market and we treat our clients as a life long partnership.

24/7 Online Support

We have 24/7 online service to support your any important requirements,contact us now.

4-8 Hours Quote

You will get an instant quote within 4-8hours ,even if we have time difference.

12 Hours Troubleshooting 

We promise to give you a solutions for all your product problems within 12 hours .

Kolfox : Your Premier Choice of All Cooling Fan Clothing Supplier and Manufacturer

cooling fan clothing including an equipment ,an Apparel or an accessories with cooling system to wear or bring when you are doing the outdoor or indoor sports and work. It can be a air conditioned jacket, cooling fan vest, safety workwear, HIgh Vis cooling fan vest, cooling fan workwear jacket and so on.

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different power of cooling fan clothing ,such as 7.4V cooling fan clothing .5V cooling fan clothing which are widely used for in summer or high temperature work place.Kolfox electric battery cooling fan clothing including cooling fan clothing ,cooling fan jacket, cooling fan vest,cooling fan work wear, Safety Hi Vis air conditioned vest and jacket etc .

1, We accpet OEM , ODM orders, 

3 We can make 5V,2A cooling jacket with USB cable, (without Power bank );
We also can make 7.4V cooling jacket with battery pack
Battery Capacity like 5000mah , 6700mah or 7500mah etc
4 MOQ 200pcs with S,M,L,XL,XXL size .
5 If you just check our quality , you can order our Stock jacket within 2days
6 Kindly inform where to wear the cooling jacket , so we can give you more comments
7 Except cooling clothes , we also can make Heated jacket, heated vest , heated gloves, heated socks, heated insole, heated hats, heated mats,
heated pants etc heating clothing and gear .
8 We test all products before shipment .
9 We have new deisgns every seasons
10 We can send you mackup designs on free .

Frequently Asked Questions About Cooling Fans for Clothing

Clothes that actively cool the wearer is referred to as “air-cooled clothing.” Workers in tunnels and underground building sites have mostly used it because air conditioning systems are difficult to install. Air-cooled clothing does not work like a room air conditioner in that it does not truly cool the air. Rather, it enhances the wearer’s natural body cooling by blowing air and occasionally water vapor about the body, lowering skin temperature through perspiration and vapor evaporation.

What Are Air Conditions Clothing?

air conditioned jacket

Two little fans, each about 10 cm in diameter, are connected to the right and left sides of the back of the clothing, just above the waist, on air-conditioned apparel. The fans help to evaporate sweat by drawing in a significant volume of air.

Heat is lost as sweat evaporates, lowering the wearer’s body temperature. Sweating is the human body’s natural air conditioner, and air-conditioned clothing is meant to help this mechanism work more efficiently, even on the warmest, most humid days.

There are two forms of air-conditioned apparel on the market: a work jacket with short and long sleeves and a long-sleeved blouson. Although both appear oppressively hot at first glance, they have received high praise for being quite comfortable and capable of keeping cool, even the most ardent worker.

Do Air-Conditioned Jackets Work?

Air-cooled clothing does not work like a room air conditioner in that it does not truly cool the air. Rather, it enhances the wearer’s natural body cooling by blowing air and occasionally water vapor about the body, lowering skin temperature through perspiration and vapor evaporation.

Advantage of Fan Cooling Clothing

Air-cooled clothing has the advantage of requiring far less energy to cool people than it does to cool their entire environment. An air-cooled shirt, for example, uses 4,400 mAh of power for 8.5 hours on the fastest fan setting, but a typical central air conditioner uses 3000 to 5000 watts. In other circumstances, air conditioning is used to cool the individuals rather than the objects in the room.   As a result, directly ventilating garments is significantly more efficient.

Gases routinely employed in air conditioning absorb 2,100 times more infrared radiation per ton than carbon dioxide, according to a 2012 New York Times story. Furthermore, air conditioning is estimated to be responsible for roughly 27% of global warming (particularly in tropical areas like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, and southern China). Although some concepts for room air conditioning units do not contribute considerably to greenhouse gas production, none of them are currently on the market.

Is It Easy to Wash Cloth with Cooling Fans?

The fans are built so that they can be unscrewed and removed from the garment for washing. After removing the fans and the battery, the shirt is cleaned like any other piece of apparel. After washing, the fans are screwed back in, and the battery is inserted back into the interior pocket.

Does A Fan Cool Vest Fit Under Clothing, Such as A Mascot Costume Or PPE?

Most fan cooling vests add around 1” of thickness to the front and rear of the body, allowing them to be worn comfortably under jackets or PPE. The fan-cooled clothing can be worn under regular clothing that isn’t too tight, but keeps in mind that the vest will still perform as intended if worn over shirts and other ordinary wear.

Can I Travel on An Airplane with My Fan Cooled Clothing?

Airlines have yet to issue standards that particularly address cooling garments. However, several travelers have proven that they can fly with their fan-cooled garments without trouble after providing the following information to TSA/Airline agents at any security checkpoint:

Battery-operated fans and similar items are often prohibited from being transported in checked luggage by airlines. If you want to keep your cooling apparel in checked bags, you should call the airline ahead of time to ensure your request is authorized. However, we strongly advise you not to store fan-cooled apparel in your checked bag.

What are the Main Features of Fan Cooling Clothing?

Two recessed fans are situated on both the right and left sides of the Fans Cooling Jacket. They strike you just around the kidneys, which appears to be a well-planned area. Each fan has a diameter of 4-1/4′′. They aren’t huge, but they are the right size to allow adequate airflow without getting in the way.

What Is the Battery Life for The Fans?

What Is the Battery Life for The Fans

The two ultra-lightweight fans are meant to be energy efficient and can run for several hours depending on the battery type. On the lowest level, the battery pack will last over 18 hours, while on the highest setting, it will last 4.5 hours (pictured in blue).

The battery pack is designed to last over 24 hours on the lowest & 8.5 hours on the highest for those who demand longer performance. Thanks to the built-in battery power monitor, you can always tell how much power is remaining in your battery pack. The battery gauge includes a digital reading from 1 to 9, with one indicating that the battery is empty and nine suggesting that it is full.

The accompanying wall charger may then be used to recharge the battery in just 2.5 hours. Multiple safety mechanisms are included in each pack of our batteries to prevent overheating, overcharging, and over-discharging.

Is the Fan Cooled Clothing Comfortable?

Most fan-cooled apparel uses a specified 25 percent cotton and 75% polyester cross strand combination to reduce excessive airflow loss while guaranteeing a comfortable, high-quality experience for the user.

Because the air-conditioned jackets are inflated away from the body by airflow, they rarely contact the user at all, giving the user the sensation of being shirtless. A ring of elastic material at the bottom of the shirt shuts off the bottom of the garment, allowing airflow to leave only through the top, offering optimum air cooling for the user.

What Are the Benefits of Fan Cooled Clothing?

The air-conditioned jacket lowers the wearer’s body temperature while also reducing perspiration, making this device environmentally benign by reducing the need for indoor air conditioning. Because office workers can also wear cooling apparel, air conditioning can be toned down or turned off entirely, resulting in significant reductions in energy consumption expenses.

From a business owner’s perspective, not only will they save money on their electricity bill, but their staff will be more comfortable, resulting in a happier work atmosphere and increased quantity and quality of output. Labor doesn’t have to be as physically demanding as it used to be.

cooling fan jacket for worker in summer

Are the Fan Cooling Clothes Cost-Saving and Environmentally Friendly?

The work jackets are made of 100 percent polyester or 100 percent cotton, while the blouson is made of 100 percent polyester. The fans are powered by four AA-size nickel-hydrogen batteries that can be recharged multiple times, reducing their environmental impact. The fans are lightweight and do not suffocate the wearer.

Purchasing this gear is significantly less expensive than installing a large-scale air conditioning system. The operating costs are relatively low, allowing businesses to save money on their typically high summer electricity bills. The clothing is not only cost-effective, but they also help enhance worker productivity and combat global warming.

How Long Do the Fans Last in Fan Cooled Clothing?

The life of a fan motor varies from 3000 to 7000 hours, depending on the setting. The motor will survive 3000 hours on Turbo. It will last 7000 hours on Standard or LOW.

How Long Does the Rechargeable Battery Last Fan Cooled Clothing?

Every day, the majority of batteries are rigorously examined. According to the most recent data, these batteries can hold 700 charges at full capacity. They’ll keep 75 percent of their power even after 1000 charges. Please charge them every day after use, and charge them once throughout the winter when not in use, so the battery does not go completely dead.

How Does Pressure Control Fan Cool Jacket Work?

What Are Air Conditions Clothing

According to the business, the pressure-controlled fan jacket features a unique cooling construction that allows air to enter through the jacket’s outer shell and inner lining in both the front and back. The design keeps the fabric from clumping up within the jacket, allowing the wearer to work without distractions. For increased cooling, the air is expelled through pressure-regulated apertures primarily in the neck, underarms, and chest, where blood circulation is highly vigorous.

The fan jacket’s zipped arms and neck can be removed to transform it into a fan-cooled vest. Customers can choose from various Teijin high-performance fiber combinations to make the jacket waterproof, stretchy, and antistatic.


The human body already has a highly efficient cooling system: perspiration pulls heat away from the body as it evaporates. Wicking materials aid this process by evenly dispersing sweat across the fabric, allowing it to dry faster.

Companies have never actually improved the body’s natural cooling function, despite creating tricks like menthol-like chemical coatings put to clothes. Designers have created cooling apparel that helps to keep the heat at bay. I hope this post has given you a better understanding of them. But, if you need more clarification or planning to order any electric battery apparel contact Kolfox, the best electric battery apparel manufacturer in China


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