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Name : Kolfox Heated Hoodies


Power Supply:5V /7.4V


Heating Zone: Three-Zone l Four-Zone




Packing: Opp bag, Gift Box,PVC Bag  

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Heated Hoodies are the thermal apparel to keep you warm in winter or cold weather .

Kolfox has various of heated hoodies with safe ,smart and creative .

Our Heated Hoodies including fleece , Cotton and sweatpants to stay warm and fashion.You can choose black heated hoodies, grey heated hoodies ,they are suitable for men , for women and unisex .

Why Choose Us For Your Heated Hoodies ?

If you are seeking a heated hoodies supplier which can fulfill all your heated hoodies requirements, you must pick thoroughly. Not all shops have similar experience or capabilities. As you are choosing us for our heated hoodies ability, the following are some features we boast.

Full-Service Abilities

Indeed, fabrication is just one part of the manufacturing procedure. Thus, the company you select must have other abilities too. The good thing about our company is that we can handle all your projects from start to finish, you will get more precise parts, and you will also save valuable time and money.

Finest Metal Fabrication Equipment

We have the best-in-class equipment to finish your heated hoodies projects.Our company has lots of innovative equipments for electronic and apparel products.

Sewing,Cutting,Testing,PBC designs and more, no matter what heated clothing procedure your project needs, we have the machines which will perform the job exceptionally well.

Collaborative & Highly Trained Team

For us to take care of your heated hoodies efficiently, we have a team of experts and professionals experienced in employing technologically advanced tools and equipment. Our staff understands how to handle projects to meet tight deadlines and also keep the costs within the budget.

You can rest assured that our team of administrators, designers, sewing, and fabricators work hand in hand to develop the ideal finished parts on each project which comes our way. We truly invest in our training to make sure we have the skills and knowledge needed to present the level of expertise and service you deserve.

Compared to the majority of heated hoodies supplier out there, our heated hoodies team communicate straight with our clients, working together to guarantee each result meets expectations or even goes beyond them.

Quick Response Time

We believe that you will almost be working to a tight deadline trying to save money and time wherever possible. That’s why we aim to help you achieve that as well. The Kolfox team will respond immediately to all your urgent needs, and we also offer 24 hours cover accessible if you would wish.

Rest assured that we will arrive at your site and make thorough and detailed sketches before quoting for heated hoodies works. Given that we employ the latest portable sewing equipment; we can perform the work right at your premises for you.

Bespoke Service

No matter what service you need from our team, you can be sure it will be tailored specifically to your requirements. That’s because we truly understand each customer and each project is unique. So, no matter what your heated hoodies needs, get in touch with our team today and experience what our service can do for you.

Fabrication Abilities

Here with us, we specialize in heated hoodies We consider our company as the innovators in improved and new heated hoodies processes. Name a need, and we will provide it adequately and right the first time. We provide sewing, assembly,testing, silk screening, QC as well as finishing .

Production Capability

As your single-source heated hoodies supplier, we realize everybody has unique requirements at different times. So, no matter what you order, we can perform productions runs ant any size. You see, no job is too big or too small for us. In all we do, we provide amazing products at a very reasonable price.


When we talk about heated hoodies, experience always matters. We are proud of the work we perform every day, and we invite you to come and speak with any of our past clients. With us, we are learning and upgrading our abilities constantly. We worked very hard to gain our renowned qualifications, and you can depend on our skilled trades people staff. They can tailor any project you bring our way.

We Always Listen

We always listen and learn your individual business needs, and we bring on our promises. Every time you have a need or a problem, our custom service staff is there to fix it. We understand and know the urgencies with scheduled repairs and plant shutdowns. Be at ease that you will enjoy working with our team because we do what is right for you at all times, our customer.

At kolfox, we work hard to offer our clients with a level of service other company cannot match. You will see we are far more than a heated hoodies manufacturer. You can depend on us to deal with each aspect of your project from design, prototyping, sewing, finishing, testing, even shipping.

As your go-to and one stop shop, your products and parts do not require to be directed from one vendor to another to get the work done. We deal with it all so you can keep on target with your production budget and deadlines.

Wouldn’t it be good to put your next heated hoodies scheme in the hands of a company which has everything you are seeking for? Call us now about working with our team! We are always happy to serve you. For more information, feel free to phone us today at kolfox to get started. You can also send us an email at Jane@kolfox.com

Really hope we have a chance to serve you and become your long term business trustworthy partner.

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