The Complete Guide To G-tech Heated Pouch & hand warmer

G-tech Heated Pouch
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G-tech Heated Pouch

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There are many ways to keep your gear safe during cold weather, but a heated pouch is one of the most convenient. You can quickly and easily put your valuable gadgets inside the pouch, which makes it much simpler to use them when you’re out in the elements. You probably already know how beneficial this kind of bag can be for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

The next big question is, which is the best-heated pouch in the market? And this is where the name G-tech comes in. If you have been curious about heating apparel, you must have encountered this brand name. And do you want to buy G-tech heated pouch?

Whether it is for personal use or you want to buy heated pouch wholesale in China, we are here for you. In this guide, we are going to guide you on all you should know about G-tech heated pouches.

Overview of G-tech heated hand muff

A company founded in 2014, G-tech is an American brand of outdoor accessories. Since its foundation, the company has been producing accessories that help its customers to make even the coldest days warmer and way more comfortable.

G-tech heated pouches can be used in many different situations – at home, outdoors, in the car, at work – no matter where you are, it will help you to stay warm.

It’s the perfect gift for all people who are always outside and need to keep themselves warm. It’s also great for children, especially when they are at school or at a sports practice.

And if you are a retailer dealing in heated apparel, you will definitely manage to impress customers with the heated pouches from G-tech. It is actually a big name in the heated clothing arena.

How does a G-tech heated pouch work?

A G-tech heated pouch is a device that is an attachment to your vest, jacket, or any other outerwear. The heating system of the pouch is powered by a battery that can last for up to eight hours.

The heating system of the pouch works by using a small number of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are placed inside the pouch and are charged via a USB cable.

The cord has a temperature control button that can be used to adjust the temperature between -6°F and 140°F.

It takes about one hour for the heating system to work when it’s first switched on. Even though it takes some time for the battery to heat up, you will not have to wait long before you get warm again; within no more than 20 minutes after switching on the heating system, you will notice that your body starts feeling warmer thanks to it.


When and where to use G-tech heated pouch

This pouch can be used in a variety of situations.

So, when you want to stay warm, you can put the pouch in your bed.

It also works great during travel. Your travel experience will not be negatively impacted by the cold weather outside

What about working during winter? The heated pouch can be your perfect companion.

You can put it between your legs and use your laptop from inside the pouch.

Do you want to impress someone close to you with a special gift? It makes a really good gift for friends, family members, colleagues or even your children.

Do you have a dog? Then this is the perfect gift for him or her. Put the pouch in the dog’s bed and he/she will love you.

You can also use it while you are hunting and fishing; you can use the pouch to keep your hands warm and dry. If you are training outside, the pouch can help you to stay warm.

Patented ‘G-tech Hand warming’ technology

'G-tech Hand warming' technology

Image source G-tech

This heating pouch can warm your hands while you are outside in the cold. This is a unique heat-generating technology that is not available in any other hand warmer.

The G-tech heat source is placed in the pouch and it is activated automatically when your hands touch the pouch.

The heat source will remain active for about 30 minutes and then turn off after you take your hands out of the pouch.

You can use this hand warmer on a daily basis to stay warm while you are working outside, doing sports, or even just relaxing on a cold winter day.

The technology also ensures that there is minimum loss of heat even after you have switched off the pouch. This feature gives the pouch an impressive energy-conservation rating.

Long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery

The pouch is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery that can be quickly charged inside any USB port. The lithium battery is durable, and lightweight and produces both low and high heat. It takes only two to three hours to charge your pouch up to 80%. This type of battery is often used in outdoor heated pouches.

It has many advantages which make it ideal for most outdoor applications. The advantages are that it’s lightweight, long-lasting, and highly efficient. It’s made of safe materials and it can be easily charged.

Premium multi-layered materials

This heating pouch is made of premium multi-layered materials that are resistant to tears and water. It’s very easy to clean and dry. It’s tough and durable. It can be used for a very long time. This heating pouch is made of 100% soft cotton. It’s very thick and soft.

It traps the body heat and holds it to keep your hands warm. It also radiates the warmth back to your fingers.

Another advantage of using premium materials for these heated pouches is safety. They will dispense heat on your arms without causing any health risks such as overheating or burn

Exceptional design

The G-tech heated pouch comes in an impressive design. It’s very stylish and sleek. It’s practical, lightweight, and durable. The heating pouch is very convenient to carry around. It comes in different sizes that are suitable for all people.

The unique styles and designs of the G-tech heated pouches make them unique in the market. And to make things better, you are free to order custom designs for your pouch. This can be an ideal option if you are buying heated pouches wholesale in China. The manufacturer will design according to your specific needs.

Easy to use and clean

How do I clean heated G-tech pouches?

Simply hand wash the pouch with warm water and towel dry. You can use a soft brush to scrub the pouch before washing.

The heating pouches are very easy to use and clean. You can easily wash them with mild soap or detergent, water, and a soft brush.

You also have the freedom to use a washing machine to clean your heated pouch.

Regardless of the cleaning method that you want to use, ensure that you read the instructions from the manufacturer.

Custom heating settings

Another feature that you should consider when buying a heated pouch is the temperature control system. The pouch should make it possible to adjust the heat according to your needs.

The Kolfox team is a leading heating system products manufacturer, our heating systems are widely used for heated jackets, heated vests, heated gloves, heated socks, heated gears, and so on. Kolfox can give you the freedom to choose different heat settings for your heated pouch. You can choose between three settings. These are Low, medium, and high.

As the name suggests, each setting gives the desired heat output. If you want the pouch to give maximum temperature, then you will simply adjust it accordingly.

Safety features on the heated pouch

are you worried about the safety of using a heated pouch?

There are numerous safety features that come with G-tech heated pouches. They include:

-Auto shutoff feature

-Safety fuse

-Overheat protection

-Thermal fuse

The safety features of the heated pouch are to prevent accidents and injuries. It comes with a safety fuse, which is a device that instantly cuts the power when there is a fault in the heating system. The thermal fuse works similarly to the safety fuse, but it protects against overheating instead of cutting out power.

The safety fuse and thermal fuse ensure that you do not get burned when you are using your pouch. The overheating protection prevents your pouch from getting too hot.

It will automatically shut down if it cannot maintain its set temperature for a long. This is to prevent your pouch from getting damaged by overheating while in use.


Buy a heated pouch and hand warmer at Kolfox

Where can I buy high quality heated pouch and hand warmer? This is a question that you are likely to ask.

The surest place is from a reputable heated pouch manufacturer and supplier in China.

And this is where Kolfox comes in.

We are an authorized supplier of the Kolfox brand, and we are able to offer you the best quality heated pouch at very affordable prices.

We have been working with Kolfox for many years now, and we have gained a lot of experience in it. We have perfected our manufacturing process to ensure that we can provide you with the most reliable heated pouch muff around.

OEM ODM heated apparel manufacturer and supplier in China

To begin with, our products are made in-house by experienced workers. They undergo extensive testing before they are shipped out to their customers. Our products are guaranteed to work properly, and they work very well in terms of quality assurance.

Would you like to buy these undies? Contact us and we will deliver. We also cater to clients who want to buy wholesale.


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