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Best heated accessories supplier

Heated gear or heated clothing don’t function independently. Numerous accessories are used to enhance the performance and functionality of heated clothing. Some accessories come with the heated clothing while others are bought separately.

Also, some heated accessories are used for enhancing your comfort whenever you wear heated clothing. In this guide, we are going to discuss all the important details that you should know about heated gear accessories.

What are heated clothing accessories?

Heated clothing accessories are the heated gear that is used to enhance your heated clothing functionality. For example, heated gloves don’t work without heated grips or heated socks won’t function without heated insoles.

These additional accessories complement your heated clothing and allow you to use it for a wide variety of applications. Heated gloves, for example, can be used on cold days while heated insoles can be useful in situations when you have to walk long distances.

Why do we need heated clothing accessories?

There are many reasons why you need heated clothing accessories but the most important one is because they are designed specifically for enhancing the performance of your heated clothes.

Without them, all your efforts would go down the drain since they won’t provide any practical application.

For example heated gloves are used with heated grips or heated socks are used with heated insoles to create heated footwear.

Another reason is that heated gear accessories provide the versatility needed for heated clothing to be useful in numerous applications and situations.

The most common types of heated clothing accessories that you should consider buying include:

Heated Grips

Heated grips are heated accessories that can be placed on top of your heated grips. They cover all the important parts that you would want to stay warm and dry to comfortably wear heated gear throughout the entire day.

What features should heated grips have?

The main characteristics of heated grips must include waterproofing, windproofing, and temperature regulation properties.

 If it doesn’t provide these then I wouldn’t consider it a good pair of heated grip accessories since they are only useful when used for outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing.

 If you use them in plain everyday conditions they won’t provide you any practical application.

Battery Pack

battery pack

The battery pack is the power source of any heated gear or heated clothing. It is usually placed into a heated clothes’ pocket and plugged into heated gloves/leggings/coats wirelessly.

When heated clothing accessories are purchased together, the battery pack is also sold with them but in case it isn’t included you can buy it separately or together with a piece of heated clothing.

 Its main function is to provide heated gear or heated clothing with the power which will allow every wearer to regulate his own temperature inside of heated clothing accessories without any manual work on their part.


What features should I look for in the battery pack?

The heated clothing accessories battery pack should be lightweight, compact and able to provide heat even in extremely cold temperatures. Manufacturers use two types of heated glove/battery packs which are rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

The battery pack should also supply adequate power that will meet your needs. So, you need to check on the power rating of the battery pack, whether it is a 7V, 10V, or 15 V battery pack

Also, check the type of cells that make up the battery pack. Lithium-ion battery packs are preferred because they come with numerous advantages.

 For example, they are very lightweight, provide long-lasting heated gear usage, and can easily be recharged just through USB charging.

Power Bank

A power bank is also an important accessory of the heated clothing. As heated clothing will also need to be charged, a power bank is an ideal way of charging heated clothes anywhere. The heated gear can be connected by USB and charged while on the move. If you have a heated glove battery pack then it can also be used as a power bank for your heated gloves.

What features should I look for in the power bank?

The main characteristic of heated clothing power banks is that they are very lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around. Power banks must include a sufficient capacity of how much charge they can store which depends from 100 mAh to 3400mAh.

This capacity rating will tell you how many times your heated clothing accessories will run before needing to be charged.

You may also consider the design and construction of the power bank. This is especially important if you are going to use heated gloves / heated leggings / heated socks or heated clothing that does not have many pockets for the power bank. It should be small and easily portable. The construction should also be of high quality to guarantee the durability of the accessory.

It will also be prudent to know the number of charging ports on the power bank. This will determine the number of heated clothing that can be charged by the bank at any given time.

Heating pad

Heating Pad

The heated clothing heating pad is a typically heated clothing accessory that will provide heated gloves / heated socks / heated leggings / heated jacket accessories with a constant supply of heat.  

The heated clothing heating pads are generally placed in strategic areas of heated gear and are attached to an integrated wire.

 The wire will connect heated clothing accessories to the heated clothing battery pack which will provide heated gloves / heated socks / heated leggings / heated jacket accessories with a steady supply of heat.

Ultimately, it is important to take note of the type of heated clothing heating pad that you intend to purchase. There are two main types:

– The air heating pad is designed to produce heat by passing an electric current through a small amount of air.

-Silicone heating pad heated clothes accessory heated gloves / heated socks / heated leggings / heated coat

The silicone heating pad heated clothes accessory heated gloves / heated socks / heated leggings / heated coat heated gloves / heated socks / heated leggings / heated coat is designed to produce heat by passing an electric current through silicone gel.

It will be prudent to note that the silicone heating pad for the heated gear is more efficient than the air heating pads. This is because these pads can produce more heat than their air counterparts.

Single charger

single charger

If you own heated clothing such as heated gloves, heated socks, or heated leggings that are equipped with a USB heated vest then you will need to charge your heated clothing before the first use.

This can be done by either plugging the heated clothing in from an electric outlet directly or by purchasing and using a single heated vest charging adapter which is also known as heated clothing accessories.

A heated vest charger is an adapter that has to be connected to the heated clothing before you can charge them using your computer or laptop USB port and this heated jacket, heated glove or heated vest will then charge just like a mobile phone would.

The single charger heated clothing heated gloves heated socks heated leggings heated coat is simply a charging unit that is designed to be plugged in any power outlet. It charges the battery pack of the heated clothing while they are not in use.

As a result, you will not have to worry about heated gloves / heated socks / heated leggings / heated coat batteries running out of power when you need them the most.

The single charger heated clothing will generally have a protective case to make sure that the heated clothing battery pack is well protected when it is not in use.  

But it is important to take note of how long it takes for the charger to fully charge the battery heated clothing heated gloves heated socks heated leggings heated coat. Also, take note of the single charger heated clothing lifespan before you purchase it.

Dual controller

Some heated clothing accessories such as heated gloves, heated socks, or heated leggings have more than one heating element embedded into the heated clothing, and for you to be able to control each of these independently heated clothing accessories a dual USB controller is required.

This dual USB heated vest controller has two separate controls so that you can control which of the heating elements in your heated clothing are activated at any given time.

It also allows you to set a different temperature for each of the elements separately.

This is particularly handy if you have a mix of different temperatures throughout your body, let’s say for example that you want your feet warmer than your torso or vice versa.

When both controllers are being used simultaneously then a single power outlet can charge up to 4 heated clothing accessories at the same time.

USB cord:

Heated clothes are sold without any cords included because they all use their unique connector cables. These cables are usually more expensive than traditional adapters so whenever possible you should try to buy heated clothing accessories that come with their cords.

This heated vest power outlet for heated gloves, heated socks, and heated leggings comes with a 10ft long USB cable and provides up to 3A at 5V.

This means that you will be able to charge just about any heated glove, heated sock, or heated jacket that is currently available on the market.

Outlet checker

Outlet checker

Even heated clothing accessories such as heated gloves or heated socks can sometimes fail to charge and to troubleshoot this issue you need a heated vest outlet checker.

An outlet hot checker is an outlet tester for your heated clothing accessories, which means that it will tell you whether each of the individual heating elements is working correctly when plugged into a power outlet.

It also shows how much electric current each heated clothing accessory draws and allows you to easily see if there is any leakage which indicates a faulty heated glove, heated sock or heated pants, etc. In case one element fails these tools usually come with replacement fuses too.

Heated clothing controller

If you are planning to use multiple heated clothes pieces at the same time then having a heated clothing controller can really help out by taking all of the guesswork out of configuring your devices and making sure that they will work together.

Factors to consider when buying heated clothing accessories

As we have seen, there is a broad range of heated clothing accessories. Each accessory is designed for different functions.

Even though some accessories are designed for the same function, they may deliver different performances.

Before you buy heated gear accessories, it is important to keep in mind the following key factors:

Specifications of your heated gear

Not all heated gear is created equal. You need to consider the specifications of your heated clothing before you buy heated accessories.

It is important to know that some heated elements used in heated gloves, heated socks, and heated tights have different outputs. This is to avoid a mismatch between the heated clothing and the heated accessory that you buy.

For heated pants, heated gloves, and heated socks, it is usually preferable to use heated liners that can each handle about 3-5 Amp heating current. This way, you will be able to get a higher level of comfort.

If it is a charger, ensure that its output will match with the battery of your heated gear. The same applies to when you buy another battery for your heated gear.

 Your heated gear uses and needs

There are many heated clothing accessories on the market today. But, they are not all equally good for all types of heated gear. You need to choose heated clothing accessories that will meet your comfort needs.

For example, the battery pack of the heated gear accessory should not be too heavy to the detriment of your comfort.

Quality of the accessory:

Heated clothing accessories may differ from one another when it comes to quality. For example, heated gloves and heated socks may have integrated heating elements that are made of a high-grade carbon fiber heating wire which delivers excellent touch sensitivity.


Heated clothing accessories can deliver functions beyond simply adding more heat to your body. First, the accessory should be able to do the work that it is designed for. Let’s say if it is a charger, it should be able to charge your heated clothing within a short period.


Another thing to consider when buying heated clothing accessories is the price. Some accessories are definitely pricier than others. Find out whether the price of the accessory matches its specifications and performance.

Heated accessory manufacturer/supplier

Another thing to consider is the heated accessory manufacturer/supplier. The heated clothing accessories that you buy should be reliable and durable so that they can deliver the expected performance for a long time.

Safety of the accessory

Make sure that heated accessories are safe or meet all the required safety standards when in use. The accessory should not subject you to the risk of electrical or physical injury whenever you are using it.


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