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Kolfox is a leading heated dog clothing manufacturer and supplier in China. We can manufacturing and produce any kinds of pet clothing for your pet, such as heated dog clothing, heated cat clothing,heated pet warmer and so on.

Product : Kolfox Heated dog clothing

Power :3.7V / 5V

Temperature : 40C-55C

Battery pack : Not included 

Running Time : 3-9hours

Charging : DC/USB

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Professional Heated Dog Clothing manufacturer and supplier in China .

Kolfox is a leading Heated dog clothing manufacturer and supplier in China . We can customize your brand heated dog clothing at any size , any color ,any fabrics with our heating systems.

Kolfox heated dog clothing will make sure your pet warm when winter is coming.

The heated dog clothing power supply can be 3.7V, 5V and 7.4V as you need.

Kolfox can manufacturing and supply you different heating pet warmers such as heated dog vest,heated dog chothing,heated dog blanket,heated dog house.heated cat house ,heated cat blanket and so on.

If you want to custom  heated dog clothing designs, kolfox will be the right place .