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Your Professional Battery Heated Gloves Manufacturer In China

Harsh winter condition makes it difficult to ride to a bike in this winter. But you cannot sit at the home idle waiting for winters to end. To solve this problem, we’re here with a permanent solution. Kolfox heated gloves eliminate the problem of cold hands or fingers for good. We are providing you with the ultimate portable heating solution. Our best performance battery-powered heated motorcycle gloves are your best companion in this winter season. It keeps your hands warm wherever you go. It is basically an ultra-portable solution for your cold hand’s problem. The gloves have perfect fittings with super convenient rechargeable batteries, enabling you to keep your hands warm and ride a bike comfortably even in the worst outdoor winter conditions.

Kolfox heated gloves provide a huge range of stylish pairs of gloves for both men and women. Our stylish and functional range gives you many options to choose from, and it will save your fingers from going numb from the biting cold.

With a pair of battery heated gloves, you can ride in comfort through even the harshest conditions, even you’re men or women. These heated gloves look great while wearing. They are stylish and look like a fashionable piece missing from your hands. Fashion and cold safety come hand in hand with these stylish heated gloves for men and women.

Kolfox heated gloves are suitable for different purposes, but the people who will find them perfect are:

  1. Cyclists and Motorcyclists
  2. Outdoor enthusiasts like pedestrian or walkers
  3. Skiers
  4. Normal people with cold hands
  5. People with some kind of disease like suffering from the cold or bad circulation problem (e.g., Raynaud’s).

Kolfox sells only the finest lithium battery-powered heated gloves. These long-lasting, high-quality batteries will be your portable solution to cold hands and keep them warm at any temperature you are comfortable even in the toughest of winter conditions. Kolfox battery-powered heated gloves come in a complete range of sizes for both men and women. We only use the best materials and techniques to ensure maximum comfort for our customers at any cost. These heated gloves keep your hands warm from both the palm and backside of the hand. Its long-lasting warranty and easily adjustable temperature make it worth buying. And do not get worried about how you will use your mobile or tablet with your gloves on; you don’t have to take off your heated gloves. Its Touchscreen compatible index finger enables you to use your smartphone or tablet without taking the gloves off. Get a high-quality pair of heated gloves and use them to wear from day to day or anytime you feel cold.

We have provided a complete heated gloves guide and heated gloves tips for your ease. The guide is full of great recommendations. So, if you’re confused in choosing the right pair of heated gloves for your hands, just head over to our heated gloves guide and clear your confusion. Shop all great pairs of kolfox heated gloves form below and keep your hands toasty all winters long!

Product Description:

1. Large Capacity Unisex Battery Gloves for Men Women

Kolfox rechargeable gloves with 3.7V 2200 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack with dual charger. It has TPU molded cinch strap. High-quality, long working hours unisex heated gloves for both men and women. It has a long working time of up to 5 hours at low-temperature mode to keep your hands warm all day long. The heating area is mainly on the back of the hands and palm side. It’s a great fit for all kinds of winter indoor and outdoor activities. Once the heat-insulated gloves heat up, the heat or warmth is spread to the entire hand, making them evenly warm from every side, i.e., palm, backside, and fingers.

2. Breathable & Waterproof Material

Kolfox heated gloves have a four-layer special design. It has a waterproof coating. These gloves are made with extra heavy cotton fabric. It has an invisibility heat chip and Reinforced PU leather which is 80% cotton and 20%sponge. The upgraded lining of Kolfox heated gloves makes it stand out among other rechargeable heated gloves in the market.

3. Large Heating Area

With its large heating area, it warms up your entire hand, mainly the palm, the backside of the hand, and a small part of your fingers. Its larger heating area makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor activities providing enough warmth to both of your hands. These heated gloves are a good choice for people with chronically cold hands to spend long, cold winter days comfortably.

4. Multifunctional & Wide Application

These Kolfox heated gloves are Compact, Durable, and have Versatile applications. It can be used in a Wide Variety of Situations and Circumstances. These are perfect for climbers, hikers, or for the people who do Snowboarding, fishing, snow plowing, Cycling, Motorcycle Skiing, Mountaineering, and Hunting, etc. It is great pair of gloves that provides Relief to People suffering from Raynaud’s Arthritis, Bad Circulation & Stiff Joints. It is perfect for gifting to someone like family members, lovers, friends, parents, elders, etc., as it comes in an elegant package.

5. 3 Heat Settings Winter Warm Heated Gloves

Kolfox heated gloves come with three heats setting with a Button closure

  1. High temperature, Red lights
  2. Medium temperature, White Light
  3. Low temperature, Blue light

Temperature can be easily adjusted with the help of the ON/OFF button on the gloves according to your needs. The highest temperature of the battery heated gloves is 135 F/50℃ at normal temperature.

  1. Touchscreen + Waterproof Rechargeable Gloves

We have designed our Kolfox heated gloves with improved technology. The index finger of the heated glove has the touch screen function. You can use any touch screen device like a smartphone, iPhone, Ipads, tablet, laptop screens, etc. There is no need to take off your heated gloves and feel the cold to make a call. You can do it very easily with our Kolfox Touchscreen heated gloves.

Its waterproof function enables you to use the battery-heated gloves not only on sunny days but also on light rain or snowy days. Your hands are double protected on chilled winter days with our Kolfox heated gloves.

7. High-Quality Heated Gloves Made of Premium Material

These heated work gloves are breathable, heat-insulated, wind-resistant, and waterproof for all kinds of weather in winter because of their high-quality carbon fiber heating material, palm leather, and waterproof coating.

The external layer of the heated gloves is made of polyester and lambskin. The internal layer or part is made of a soft pearl cotton insulation layer with imported heat elements and a pair of 3.7V 2200 mAH rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to keep your hands warm. For easy adjustment, Buckle-style hooks and loop fastener on the cuffs are perfect for outdoor sports. The backside of motorcycle heated gloves has a carbon fiber protective shell for joints protection.

The Kolfox battery heating unisex gloves are perfect for outdoor sports on cool or chilly days, like they are ideal for wearing while running, hiking, hunting, snow skiing, camping, cycling, skating, fishing, etc.

8. Quality Assurance

All kolfox brand heated gloves come with a warranty of 6 to 12 months. These Innovative heated gloves will keep your hands warm and toasty throughout the winter season. You will have a comfortable experience wearing these cycling heated gloves even with prolonged wear. No more dealing with sweaty hands due to its breathable membrane.

How does it work?

After installing the batteries in glove, follow the steps below to adjust heat settings:

  1. The first time Press the ON/OFF button, three light bars will illuminate, meaning the heat setting is set to high
  2. The second time Press the ON/OFF button to reduce the heat setting. 2 light bars will illuminate, setting the gloves heat to Medium
  3. When you press the button for the third time, one light bar will illuminate, making the heat setting low.
  4. To turn the glove heat system off, press the ON/OFF button for the fourth time, and all light bars will shut off.


  • Simple operating controls
  • Overall Better Heat than most gloves
  • Durable
  • Extraordinary hand feel
  • Long-lasting working hours
  • Phone ready fingertips
  • Quick heating up
  • High-quality material
  • Best Heating times with high-quality battery

                   – High – 2 Hours

                    Medium – 3.5 Hours

                    Low – 5+ Hours

  • Top Quality Premium gloves


They are multipurpose, heated gloves and can be utilized in various daily life situations.  

Kolfox heated gloves are very popular among:

  • Motorcyclists
  • Snow lovers
  • Raynaud’s sufferers
  • Cyclists
  • Campers
  • Workers
  • Everyday users
  • Snowboarders
  • Fishers
  • Snow plower
  • Skiers
  • Hunters
  • Climbers
  • Hikers

Washing Guide

We do not recommend using machine wash for Kolfox heated gloves as the machine wash will damage the inside heated element of the gloves. Clean them or Spot clean heated gloves with your hands. Use only mild detergent for the gloves.

Final Words

Kolfox heated gloves are an excellent choice for a variety of daily life uses. Use them every day. You’re getting a quality product indeed. Got any questions about heated gloves, Get in touch with us.


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