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Kolfox is a professional heated gloves manufacturer and supplier in China over 16years heated gear exprience .We have many designs of heated gloves for both men and women, and the heated gloves appliance is popular in hunting, working, skiing,fishing,camping etc in winter. so you can get the right fit and be even more comfortable.with our warm battery heated gloves.

  • 2pc -heated gloves
  • 2pcs 3.7V 2200 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack
  • • 1pc – Dual Battery Charger
  • • Detailed Instructions
  • • 6-12 months Warranty
  •  Color :Black 
  • Opp or customize box packing 
  • Payment term : paypal or wire transfer 
  • Made in China
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Your Professional Electric Battery Heated Gloves Manufacturer & Supplier In China

Harsh winter condition makes it difficult to ride to a bike in this winter. But you cannot sit at the home idle waiting for winters to end. To solve this problem, we’re here with a permanent solution. Kolfox heated gloves eliminate the problem of cold hands or fingers for good. We are providing you with the ultimate portable heating solution. Our best performance battery-powered heated motorcycle gloves are your best companion in this winter season. It keeps your hands warm wherever you go. It is basically an ultra-portable solution for your cold hand’s problem. The gloves have perfect fittings with super convenient rechargeable batteries, enabling you to keep your hands warm and ride a bike comfortably even in the worst outdoor winter conditions.

heated gloves for men

Kolfox heated gloves provide a huge range of stylish pairs of gloves for both men and women. Our stylish and functional range gives you many options to choose from, and it will save your fingers from going numb from the biting cold.

With a pair of battery heated gloves, you can ride in comfort through even the harshest conditions, even you’re men or women. These heated gloves look great while wearing. They are stylish and look like a fashionable piece missing from your hands. Fashion and cold safety come hand in hand with these stylish heated gloves for men and women.

heated motorcycle gloves

Kolfox heated gloves are suitable for different purposes, but the people who will find them perfect are:

  1. Cyclists and Motorcyclists
  2. Outdoor enthusiasts like pedestrian or walkers
  3. Skiers
  4. Normal people with cold hands
  5. People with some kind of disease like suffering from the cold or bad circulation problem (e.g., Raynaud’s).

Kolfox sells only the finest lithium battery-powered heated gloves. These long-lasting, high-quality batteries will be your portable solution to cold hands and keep them warm at any temperature you are comfortable even in the toughest of winter conditions. Kolfox battery-powered heated gloves come in a complete range of sizes for both men and women. We only use the best materials and techniques to ensure maximum comfort for our customers at any cost. These heated gloves keep your hands warm from both the palm and backside of the hand. Its long-lasting warranty and easily adjustable temperature make it worth buying. And do not get worried about how you will use your mobile or tablet with your gloves on; you don’t have to take off your heated gloves. Its Touchscreen compatible index finger enables you to use your smartphone or tablet without taking the gloves off. Get a high-quality pair of heated gloves and use them to wear from day to day or anytime you feel cold.

heated glove liners

We have provided a complete heated gloves guide and heated gloves tips for your ease. The guide is full of great recommendations. So, if you’re confused in choosing the right pair of heated gloves for your hands, just head over to our heated gloves guide and clear your confusion. Shop all great pairs of kolfox heated gloves form below and keep your hands toasty all winters long!

Product Description:

1. Large Capacity Unisex Battery Gloves for Men Women

Kolfox rechargeable gloves with 3.7V 2200 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack with dual charger. It has TPU molded cinch strap. High-quality, long working hours unisex heated gloves for both men and women. It has a long working time of up to 5 hours at low-temperature mode to keep your hands warm all day long. The heating area is mainly on the back of the hands and palm side. It’s a great fit for all kinds of winter indoor and outdoor activities. Once the heat-insulated gloves heat up, the heat or warmth is spread to the entire hand, making them evenly warm from every side, i.e., palm, backside, and fingers.

2. Breathable & Waterproof Material

Kolfox heated gloves have a four-layer special design. It has a waterproof coating. These gloves are made with extra heavy cotton fabric. It has an invisibility heat chip and Reinforced PU leather which is 80% cotton and 20%sponge. The upgraded lining of Kolfox heated gloves makes it stand out among other rechargeable heated gloves in the market.

3. Large Heating Area

With its large heating area, it warms up your entire hand, mainly the palm, the backside of the hand, and a small part of your fingers. Its larger heating area makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor activities providing enough warmth to both of your hands. These heated gloves are a good choice for people with chronically cold hands to spend long, cold winter days comfortably.

4. Multifunctional & Wide Application

These Kolfox heated gloves are Compact, Durable, and have Versatile applications. It can be used in a Wide Variety of Situations and Circumstances. These are perfect for climbers, hikers, or for the people who do Snowboarding, fishing, snow plowing, Cycling, Motorcycle Skiing, Mountaineering, and Hunting, etc. It is great pair of gloves that provides Relief to People suffering from Raynaud’s Arthritis, Bad Circulation & Stiff Joints. It is perfect for gifting to someone like family members, lovers, friends, parents, elders, etc., as it comes in an elegant package.

5. 3 Heat Settings Winter Warm Heated Gloves

Kolfox heated gloves come with three heats setting with a Button closure

  1. High temperature, Red lights
  2. Medium temperature, White Light
  3. Low temperature, Blue light

Temperature can be easily adjusted with the help of the ON/OFF button on the gloves according to your needs. The highest temperature of the battery heated gloves is 135 F/50℃ at normal temperature.

  1. Touchscreen + Waterproof Rechargeable Gloves

We have designed our Kolfox heated gloves with improved technology. The index finger of the heated glove has the touch screen function. You can use any touch screen device like a smartphone, iPhone, Ipads, tablet, laptop screens, etc. There is no need to take off your heated gloves and feel the cold to make a call. You can do it very easily with our Kolfox Touchscreen heated gloves.

Its waterproof function enables you to use the battery-heated gloves not only on sunny days but also on light rain or snowy days. Your hands are double protected on chilled winter days with our Kolfox heated gloves.

7. High-Quality Heated Gloves Made of Premium Material

These heated work gloves are breathable, heat-insulated, wind-resistant, and waterproof for all kinds of weather in winter because of their high-quality carbon fiber heating material, palm leather, and waterproof coating.

The external layer of the heated gloves is made of polyester and lambskin. The internal layer or part is made of a soft pearl cotton insulation layer with imported heat elements and a pair of 3.7V 2200 mAH rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to keep your hands warm. For easy adjustment, Buckle-style hooks and loop fastener on the cuffs are perfect for outdoor sports. The backside of motorcycle heated gloves has a carbon fiber protective shell for joints protection.

The Kolfox battery heating unisex gloves are perfect for outdoor sports on cool or chilly days, like they are ideal for wearing while running, hiking, hunting, snow skiing, camping, cycling, skating, fishing, etc.

8. Quality Assurance

All kolfox brand heated gloves come with a warranty of 6 to 12 months. These Innovative heated gloves will keep your hands warm and toasty throughout the winter season. You will have a comfortable experience wearing these cycling heated gloves even with prolonged wear. No more dealing with sweaty hands due to its breathable membrane.

How Does Heated Gloves Work?

After installing the batteries in glove, follow the steps below to adjust heat settings:

  1. The first time Press the ON/OFF button, three light bars will illuminate, meaning the heat setting is set to high
  2. The second time Press the ON/OFF button to reduce the heat setting. 2 light bars will illuminate, setting the gloves heat to Medium
  3. When you press the button for the third time, one light bar will illuminate, making the heat setting low.
  4. To turn the glove heat system off, press the ON/OFF button for the fourth time, and all light bars will shut off.


  • Simple operating controls
  • Overall Better Heat than most gloves
  • Durable
  • Extraordinary hand feel
  • Long-lasting working hours
  • Phone ready fingertips
  • Quick heating up
  • High-quality material
  • Best Heating times with high-quality battery

                   – High – 2 Hours

                    Medium – 3.5 Hours

                    Low – 5+ Hours

  • Top Quality Premium gloves


They are multipurpose, heated gloves and can be utilized in various daily life situations.  

Kolfox heated gloves are very popular among:

  • Motorcyclists
  • Snow lovers
  • Raynaud’s sufferers
  • Cyclists
  • Campers
  • Workers
  • Everyday users
  • Snowboarders
  • Fishers
  • Snow plower
  • Skiers
  • Hunters
  • Climbers
  • Hikers

Best heated gloves appliances in winter

Washing Guide

We do not recommend using machine wash for Kolfox heated gloves as the machine wash will damage the inside heated element of the gloves. Clean them or Spot clean heated gloves with your hands. Use only mild detergent for the gloves.


Your Best Heated Gloves Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Kolfox is a leading heated gloves supplier and company in China since 2004 with over 16 years experience in intelligent apparel field.Every year we develop new designs for market and we also have patent designs to support VVip clients or special industry. 

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated gloves,such as  12V heated gloves or 3.7V heated gloves , heated hunting gloves ,heated fishing  gloves ,heated work gloves,,heated Hi Vis gloves,Heated skiing gloves, heated gloves for women and men, heated glove liner,heated mittens,heated hand wamer etc .

ANSI,CE,ROHS,UL,standard are available , including IP68 waterproof and windproof, OEM,ODM orders is avilable .Just send us email about your own design or any idea base on our designs. 

Sometimes we can produce heated gloves in stock to support small business or new start business or online buyers. You also can be our KOLFOX brand agency ,dealer or distributor in worldwide market with small MOQ .

Our products are mainly used in freezing, frostbite, and other cold-weather hazards like winter sports ,motorcycle,hunting,skiing,camping, walking,fishing, outdoor work place, or freezing industry for seafood,ice cream company or deap water etc. We have designed and manufactured key components for world famouse enterprise. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products high level service and continuous improvement .

Kolfox is your heated gloves one stop heating system solution company, Contact us get a quick quote today.


Kolfox Can Fullfill The One-Stop Solution Of Heated Gloves For You

Keep in mind,we offer a wide range of Heated Gloves .Best of all, you will get all these premium quality products at a competitive market price.  With Kolfox heated gloves, you can feel warm in cold weather even if the weather is under 20 degree . They will keep you warm in days and nights over 8-10hours .Wearing Kolfox Heated gloves is the Greatest way to make you feel warm . Kolfox has various of heated gloves with safe ,smart and creative.

.Kolfox Heated Gloves for motorcycle

Heated Work Gloves


Heated Women's Gloves

Women’s Heated Gloves


Heated motorcycle Glove 

Heated Motorcycle Gloves


Heated Gloves with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Men’s Heated Gloves


Heated SKI gloves

Heated Ski Gloves


heated mittens

Heated Mittens


Camouflage Heated Gloves

Heated Hunting Gloves


heated hand warmer pouch

Heated Hand Warmer Pouch


Why Kolfox Can Be Your Reliable Heated Gloves Manufacturer & Supplier

Over 16Years Heated Gloves Manufacturing Experience 

Kolfox is a leader of heated gloves manufacturer with Rich experience

SGS,CE,UL,ROHS,ANSI Standard Qualified 

Some of our heated gloves have been certificated by SGS,CE,ROHS,UL etc

Patent Design & Commercial Protection

Kolfox’s mission is Safe,Smart ,Creative ,we always have new design or patent designs for market and we treat our clients as a life long partnership.

24/7 Online Support

We have 24/7 online service to support your any important requirements,contact us now.

4-8 Hours Quote

You will get an instant quote within 4-8hours ,even if we have time difference.

12 Hours Troubleshooting 

We promise to give you a solutions for all your product problems within 12 hours .



Kolfox : Your Premier Choice of All Heated Gloves Supplier

What is heated gloves ? Heated glove liner is a special type of warm gloves specifically designed to heat up your hand in winter or cold situation. There are various types for different applications.

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated gloves,such as  12V heated gloves or 3.7V heated gloves , heated hunting gloves ,heated finshing  gloves ,heated work gloves,,heated Hi Vis gloves,Heated skiing gloves, heated gloves for women and men, heated glove liner,heated mittens,heated hand wamer etc .

Final Words :

Kolfox heated gloves are an excellent choice for a variety of daily life uses. Use them every day. You’re getting a quality product indeed. Got any questions about heated gloves, Get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heated Gloves Manufactuer & Supplier

Q1 :Are you a trading company or manufacturer ?

A1: We are the factory with heating system products over 16 years. Our main products including Heated Apparel , heated jacket , heated vest, heated gloves, heated pants, heated socks, heated insole ,Heated hoodies , heated scraf etc in Winter ; cooling fan jacket , air condition vest in Summer ; and also heated therapy products for body health etc intelligent apparel.we can support you one stop intelligent apparel solutions. 

Q2 : Can we Visit your Factory ?

A1 :Yes,warmly welcome to visit our factory . It would be great if you can inform us in advance. 

Q3 : How About Your heated gloves Quality ?

A3: Our company has advanced production and testing equipment . Every products will do 2-3 times 100% inspection by our QC department, The first inspection is for heating elements before producing , we will do snap check during the manufacturing and 100% inspection all heated gloves before shipment. and we also can support you Top quality materials with UL,Rohs,CE,SGS standard according to clients inquire.

Q4:  How long does heated gloves lasting?
A4: Usually it can last 4-8hours in different temp levels, If you need a longer lasting time, you can contact us with a larger battery capacity .
Q5: Does Heated gloves safe ?
A5 :Usually we produce around 40C-55C in 3 levels . Low : 40C-45C , Medium: 45C-50C , High : 50C-55C . It’s much safe near your skin, it won’t hurt your hand at all.If you still have questions, Just contact us now. 
Q6:How many heating pad / elements on Heated gloves?
A6: Usually we produce 1pc heating gloves in each heated glove liner
You also can give us your idea to customize . It effects your heated gloves price base on heating pad zones. 
heated gloves heating element
Q7 : What ‘s the power supply on heated gloves?
A7: We have 12V  ,3.7V 1.5A for your custom Heated gloves
1) 12V for motorcycle heated gloves
2) 3.7V 1.5A : You need to buy battery pack with heated gloves together from us .
3) You can also buy a heated gloves with battery box with AA batteries.
If you are a motorcycle rider , you can choose all heated hoodie, heated gloves, heated socks,heated pants in 12V power , and connect with 12V motorcyle directly. 
If you choose 3.7V Heated gloves, you can buy power bank anywhere you need (We also have power bank for market ) Send us inquire now to know more about this new technology to win more market. 
Q8: Wha’ts the capacity of battery pack (power bank )?
A8 :1)We don’t including AA bateries if you buy heated gloves with battery box 
2)If you buy 12V heated glove , it’s for motorcycle rider,and you can charge with your motorcycle. 
3) If you buy 3.7V heated gloves, you can buy battery pack from us with DC charger, or power bank with USB charger . We have many kinds of battery pack for your reference. 
Send us inquire now to know more about this new technology to win more market. 
Q9:  How to place a sample?
A9:  You can buy one of our stock heated gloves with low sample cost and fast delivery .You also can Customize your sample If you have your own design idea ,or some update base on our designs.
Q10:  How about your price ?
A10 : We offer high quality products with reasonable price,Send us inquire now to know more about our heated gloves price , designs, function , material etc.
Q11:  What’s your delivery Time ?
A11 : Stock designs: 3-7days
Customized sample: 15-25days (Base on project and seasons )
Bulk order : 35-60days ( (Base on project and seasons )
We will make the delivery as soon as possible with the guarantee quality , and we will do 100% testing before shipment , this part will cost 3 days .
,Send us inquire now to know more about our heated gloves price , designs, function , material ,producing etc.
Q12:  How Should I order and make payment ?
A12: By T/T (Wire transfer )
100% payment in advance for samples.
30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment for mass orders. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Heated Gloves

On a bitterly cold day, a good pair of insulated gloves can only go so far, and a pair of heated gloves is sometimes the best way to combat the chill. Heated gloves come in a variety of styles, but they are not all created equal.

What are heated gloves?

Heated gloves keep your hands warm while it’s cold outside, and they’re either chemically or electrically operated. Heated gloves have heated glove liners with different functions like touchscreen compatibility.

Warming the hands, boosting friction, and giving touchscreen sensitivity and flexibility are all functions of heated glove liners. They should be sturdy and secure at all times.

Who uses heated gloves?

During cold weather circumstances, anyone, junior or senior, can utilize battery-heated gloves. Battery gloves come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for both men and women.  Women’s heated gloves, such as the ultra-heat mittens woman gloves, are available and assist in keeping their hands warm.  Men can also utilize heated gloves that are created exclusively for them. But, some gloves are suitable for both men and women.

What are Chemically heated gloves? 

These gloves have a pocket where you may store a disposable type of air-activated heating package, which will warm up once removed from its packaging. Before it needs to be replaced, the heat lasts about eight hours. You can wear these gloves without the heating packets as well.

What are Electric battery-operated heated gloves?

Instead of heating packet refills, the batteries will need to be recharged or replaced. The battery compartment is linked to a network of heated wires woven into the fabric of the gloves. The majority of electric heated gloves feature many heat settings that require varying amounts of battery power. Heated gloves of this type are usually much more expensive.

What are the best heated gloves?

A combination of good insulation and a powerful electrical component is optimal. You’re looking for a long-lasting, water-resistant option. The battery’s ability to hold heat is equally as crucial as its strength.

Why is grip so important when choosing battery-heated gloves?

If you intend to use your heated glove for high-intensity winter activities, you must ensure that your chosen model provides adequate grip. It is vital to inspect this glove element whether you are going on a ski trip or merely running errands during the winter. Furthermore, grips are crucial if you participate in more dangerous activities, such as motorcycle riding in the winter.

How do you wash heated gloves?

Check any directions for the specific item if you want to keep your gloves in good shape. If the item does not have an electric component, it can be washed by hand or in a washing machine in warm water. If there’s an electric component, make sure it’s completely disconnected to avoid harming yourself or the gloves. But, always read the users manual for more information.

Do heated gloves have a heat source that goes into the fingers?

Not all electric heated gloves feature heating elements that reach the glove’s finger hollow, which would be ideal. This is attributable to some variables, including cost savings and a straightforward visual design strategy.

Are heated gloves machine washable?

The majority of the gloves are not machine washable. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the glove has sensitive technological parts sewed inside. When these components are subjected to extreme temperatures and complete submersion over long periods, they can be irreversibly destroyed.

Most manufacturers recommend using a hard nylon bristle brush and a little dilution of soap and water to clean the exterior of your gloves. Internal components will be safeguarded in this manner.

Do heated gloves have a waterproof breathable membrane? Gore-Tex?

Although several of these gloves have waterproof shells, many manufacturers use the term “waterproof” loosely. If any of these gloves are fully submerged in water for a few minutes, they will be completely wet. However, the term “waterproof” has a broader definition of ski and snowboarding wear and equipment.

Are heated gloves touchscreen capable?

Several heated glove brands have touchscreen capabilities, consisting of a microfiber pad sewed into the index finger and, in some cases, the thumb that allows you to operate a smartphone screen. The Kolfox Electric heated Gloves are a good example of a high-performance touchscreen-capable glove.

Why is price important when considering heated gloves?

Heated ski gloves are significantly more expensive than regular gloves and mittens since they require a battery and charging system. That being said, the best-heated ski gloves range in price from $70 to $400 for a pair with batteries and charger. Depending on your budget and desire for more bells and whistles, you can locate a good pair that will perform effectively and keep your hands toasty within that price range.

Are Heated Gloves Safe?

Yes, absolutely! Even if heated gloves run on batteries or have electric wiring, they are entirely safe to use. There’s no way the gloves could catch fire without the risk of electric shock. Why? How? Because, first and foremost, the batteries in the battery heated gloves are not designed to produce excessive heat.

Why are heating elements important in heated gloves?

It’s also important to think about the heating element of these heated gloves. Heated gloves are divided into two categories: those with a chemical heating element and electric or battery-operated heating elements.

Let’s start with the gloves that have been chemically heated. This type of heated glove usually features one or more pockets in the palm and back of your hand where an air-activated hand-warming packet can be placed.

Water, iron, cellulose, salt, and activated carbon are also included in these packages. By the time all of these elements are exposed to the air, the iron will have begun to oxidize. This will allow heat to be produced. The heat produced can last up to eight hours, and if it stops working, you can always replace the packets with new ones.  

The battery-operated gloves are next on the list. The material of these gloves is woven with a series of small wires. Each glove has a battery, which is connected to the cables. When you turn it on, an electric current pass through the wires and heats the gloves immediately, the system will continue to produce heat as long as the battery is charged. Depending on the product, you can always replace or charge the battery cells if it runs out of power.

Is buying heated gloves worthwhile?

Because of the numerous advantages that heated gloves provide, they are a wise investment.

Even when the temperature is extremely low, they give superior warmth to insulated gloves. Another advantage of these heated gloves is that they uniformly distribute heat and deliver extra heat where it is most needed.

Most users also prefer heated gloves due to their comfort. These heated gloves can also help decrease joint pain, which is prevalent in cold weather and affects people of all ages.  It also allows for heat to be adjusted higher or lower depending on the ambient temperature, unlike conventional gloves.

Will my hands get too hot?

Heated gloves are exclusively made with temperature settings that are safe for your hands.

The heat produced by these gloves will keep your hands warm while also preventing them from being burned by excessive heat.

Another reason heated glove keeps your hands from getting too hot is that they have an adjustable heat setting that you may change whenever you want.  If the temperature isn’t too chilly, you can reduce the amount of warmth provided by the gloves. If it’s not too chilly outside, you can lower the heat down to a low setting.

Do heated gloves come with insulation?

A pair of gloves with adequate insulation will help you retain heat for longer and distribute it evenly throughout your hand. The majority of heated gloves come with the essential insulation, albeit not all of them do. The most popular insulation materials used in heated gloves are a soft fleece layer, insulated cotton, or brushed polyester.  

What are power sources used by heated gloves?

Batteries are frequently used to power heated gloves. You can use either a rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery as long as the voltage is sufficient for the gloves. The most often used batteries are lithium batteries. The glove’s model will determine the number of batteries you’ll need. Only a pair of cells is usually required.

How much heat do you get?

The amount of energy a pair of heated gloves can generate varies depending on the product.

Most heated gloves have a three-level heat setting that may be adjusted. The three levels are low, medium, and high, respectively. When set on high, some gloves can reach from 65 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. A knob generally controls the heat level of the gloves; however, some gloves have several buttons that you can use.

Are most heated gloves waterproof?

A pair of heated gloves must be waterproof, as wet hands will become colder even faster. This aspect is very important because heated gloves are powered by batteries, which might be harmed if exposed to water.

Thus, to prevent injury to your hands and the gloves, almost all heated gloves are waterproof. Different materials, such as polyester, are used by manufacturers to achieve this. Different materials, such as polyester and other waterproof coatings, are used by manufacturers to accomplish this.

How long does the battery last?

The product specifications determine the length of time that heated glove batteries can endure. Some heated gloves can last anywhere from 2.5 to 6 hours, while others might last even longer. The heat setting you choose can also affect how long the gloves’ battery lasts. The battery will decrease faster if you use the highest heat setting regularly.

How long do heated gloves take to recharge?

The amount of time it takes to recharge a battery and the amount of time it can give power varies. Some batteries deplete quickly and take longer to charge fully.  These kinds of cells aren’t good for everyday use.  It takes roughly 2-3 hours to charge most heated gloves fully. Others may take a little longer.

How can I find my glove size?

Men’s and women’s glove sizes differ because men’s hands are typically larger. You can use sizing charts to be sure that the glove you choose will fit your hand precisely. For each gender, there are two sorts of sizing charts: hand and finger length charts and hand circumference charts. Both charts will most likely give you the same measurement.

If they don’t produce a similar size, it’s advisable to go with the larger size.

How can I clean my heated gloves?

Your heated gloves can be washed with cold water and a light detergent. But first, ensure sure the batteries are removed. To avoid damage, it’s also recommended that you wash your gloves by hand rather than by machine.

Another option is to clean it with a damp cloth, concentrating on the spots and filth visible on the gloves. You can hang the gloves to dry after they’ve been washed. Before reinstalling the batteries, make sure they’re totally dry.

Where should I store my heated gloves?

It’s recommended to keep your heated gloves out of direct sunlight, which might damage them, just like regular gloves. Also, make sure to keep them in a cool, dry location. Also, keep them as far away from water as possible to avoid getting them wet by accident.

What do I do if my heated gloves are accidentally immersed in water?

If you drop your heated gloves in a pool of water, make sure to deactivate them as quickly as possible. Drain the water and remove the batteries. Dry them thoroughly at temperatures that do not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you like, you can hang them out to dry. However, please do not use a heater or a clothes dryer to drain the gloves because they could damage them.


Heated gloves are great for anyone with cold hands and poor circulation who spends time outside during the winter months. Battery heated gloves are available in a variety of styles. Hopefully, the answers in this post will assist you in better understanding them.

But note, at Kolfox we are the best-heated gloves and heated handwarmer manufacturers in China. If you need any custom made or starndand heated gloves manufactured, contact us.


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