Heated Leakproof Period Panties supplier

Kolfox Heated Leakproof Period Panties

Product Name
Heated Leakproof Period Panties
Cotton and polyester fabric with cotton liners
Product Content
1*Heated Clothes
1*PE bag
1*Battery Pack
Battery Capacity
7.4V, 3000MAH, 12W
8.4V 1.3A Dual Charger
Heating Elements
7.4V 12W  heating pads
Heating Temperature
38°C – 52°C
Heating area
Knee, back and waist.


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Thermal Electric Battery Heated Leakproof Period Panties

* Circular seamless body mapping knitting technology Rechargeable battery electric thermal underwear with Knee, back and waist both heating duration long heating time.

* With Far Infrared Fiber heating elements Layer,promote blood circulation and Great for Fear of cold,Raynaud’s , Arthritis , Bad Circulation, Stiff Joints People.

* Feel Free To Wear Outside Or Base layer – The shirt is good to wear at home or as a base layer under your coats, it also will warm you as comfy pajamas on cold nights.

* Cold weather men thermal gear is perfect for active sports like hiking, cycling, snowboard, skiing, hunting, fishing and so on.


How To Use :

Charge Up – Fully charge with provided charger kit. Before using
Plug-In – Connect the battery to plug located in the pocket.
Turn On – Press and hold the three-second switch button for an initial temperature of 45 degrees , 42 degrees,40 degrees, 37 degrees, and minimum 35 degrees.

OEM & ODM customized service,Welcome to contact us of R & D and production experience in warm series. Professional service will guide you start your order easily.

Heated Leakproof Period Panties supplier

Heated Leakproof Period Panties

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