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Kolfox Heated Products

Kolfox have 1000 designs of heated products for market .

Product : Kolfox Heated Products

Power :3.7V / 5V

Temperature : 40C-55C

Battery pack : Not included 

Running Time : 3-9hours

Charging : DC/USB

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The most popular heated products are heated clothing and heated gear .

Heated Products including Heated Jackets, Heated Vests, Heated Pants, Heated Socks.Heated Golves , Heated insoles, Heated shoes, Heated Hats,Heated Scarf , Heated Clothing,Heated sleep Bag etc used for Motorcycle ,Hunting Skiing , Fishing , Hiking , Climbing , Camping etc Thermal Clothing and Gear . Also Heated Cat House,Heated Dog House ,Heated Lunch Box ,Heated Mats, Heated Sleeping Bag , etc Heated Thermal Products .