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Kolfox Heated Puffer Vest

Kolfox is a professional manufacturer and supplier of heated puffer vests ,with powerful 12V ,5V and 7.4V power supply battery pack or power bank . The down Heated vest gives you 6-8 hours on Low heating that is guaranteed to keep you warmer than ever before. You can update the heated puffer vest temperature levels base on the cold region or environment . 

Our heated puffer vest was manufacturing with puffer material and carbon fiber heating pad (heating element) and the heating zone can be all your body as you need . Usually they are on back, neck,chest. And you can customize your heated puffer vest in S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL size foe men and women . 

Item NameKolfox Heated Puffer Vest
Heating PadCarbon Fiber
Temp LevelLow, Medium , High
Heating Pad ZoneBack-one, Chest -Two,Neck-one
Running Time10-12hours in low

Delivery Time : 3-7days for stock items . 40-50days for bulk order

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Your Best Heated Puffer Vest Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Kolfox is a leading heated puffer Vest supplier and company in China since 2004 with over 16 years experience in intelligent apparel field.Every year we develop new designs for market and we also have patent designs to support VVip clients or special industry. 

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated puffer Vest ,such as 12V motorcycle heated puffer Vest, 7.4V heated puffer Vest or 5V heated puffer Vest , heated puffer Vest for men and women,and also many heated puffer Vest for hunting, skiing, fishing, working,camping,running etc appliances.

ANSI,CE,ROHS,UL,standard are available , including IP68 waterproof and windproof, OEM,ODM orders is avilable .Just send us email about your own design or any idea base on our designs. 

Sometimes we can produce heated down Vest in stock to support small business or new start business or online buyers. You also can be our KOLFOX brand agency ,dealer or distributor in worldwide market with small MOQ .

Our products are mainly used in freezing, frostbite, and other cold-weather hazards like winter sports ,motorcycle,hunting,skiing,camping, walking,fishing, outdoor work place, or freezing industry for seafood,ice cream company or deap water etc. We have designed and manufactured key components for world famouse enterprise. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products high level service and continuous improvement .

Kolfox is your heated puffer Vest one stop heating system solution company, Contact us get a quick quote today.

Whatever Type Of Heated vests, Kolfox Can Fullfill The One-Stop Solution For You

Keep in mind,we offer a wide range of Heated Vests .Best of all, you will get all these premium quality products at a competitive market price.  With Kolfox heated vests, you can feel warm in cold weather even if the weather is under 20 degree . They will keep you warm in days and nights over 8-10hours .Wearing Kolfox Heated vest is the Greatest way to make you feel warm . Kolfox has various of heated vest with safe ,smart and creative.

Keep in mind,Kolfox is a professional manufacturer with a wide range of Heated Vests such as Heated Vest for Men,Heated Vest For Women, Heated Down Vest,Heated Fleece Vest, Heated Puffer Vest,Heated Workwear Vest, Hi Vis Heated Vest. 

China Best Heated Vest Supplier Manufacturer wholesaler

Kolfox Heated Puffer Vest Advantages

  • Material: Puffer
  • Power: 5V,7.4V,12V
  • Heating Zone: Back-one, Chest -Two etc
  • Warranty:6-12months
  • Running Time: Up to 10hrs in Low

Material Contents:

  • Fabric: 94% polyester. 6% spandex.
  • Breathable fleece-lined softshell.
  • Water-resistant softshell sheds rain and snow.
  • Advanced heat-trapping insulation layer.
  • Ultra-fine carbon fiber heating pads
  • YKK Zippers

Estimated Heating Times:

  • High (Red): 150F – 2+ Hours
  • Medium (White): 130F – 3+ Hours
  • Low (Blue): 110F – 4.5+ Hours


  • (1) Kolfox Heated Puffer Vest
  • (1) Kolfox 5V power bank (6700mah)
  • (1) DC Charging Kit

Why Kolfox Can Be Your Reliable Heated Puffer Vest Manufacturer & Supplier


Over 16Years Heated puffer Vest Manufacturing Experience 

Kolfox is a leader of heated puffer Vest manufacturer with Rich experience

SGS,CE,UL,ROHS,ANSI Standard Qualified 

Some of our heated Vest have been certificated by SGS,CE,ROHS,UL etc

Patent Design & Commercial Protection

Kolfox’s mission is Safe,Smart ,Creative ,we always have new design or patent designs for market and we treat our clients as a life long partnership.

24/7 Online Support

We have 24/7 online service to support your any important requirements,contact us now.

4-8 Hours Quote

You will get an instant quote within 4-8hours ,even if we have time difference.

12 Hours Troubleshooting 

We promise to give you a solutions for all your product problems within 12 hours .


Kolfox : Your Premier Choice of All Heated Puffer Vest Supplier & Factory

What is heated Vest? Heated vest is a special type of jacket specifically designed to heat up your body in winter or cold situation. There are various types for different applications.

Kolfox is specialized in heated vest manufacturing since 2004 with rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated vests,such as 12V motorcycle heated vest, 7.4V heated vest and 5V heated vest , heated hunting vest ,heated down vest ,heated fleece vest ,heated softshell vest ,heated Hi Vis vest ,Heated skiing vest , heated vest for women, heated vest for men, Led Hi Vis heated vest etc .

FAQ about heated puffer vest 

Heated puffer vests are quite popular. Many people are buying these vests because they come with numerous advantages.

Probably you have tons of questions or issues about heated puffer vests. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers on the heated puffer vests.

Q: What are puffer vests?

A: Puffer Vests are heated garments that have been designed to provide an extra layer of warmth. They were originally meant for the skiers and snowboarders out there who need a heated jacket or heated vest at all times during their sport. But these days, puffer vests come in various styles and designs for other outdoor activities as well.

Q: What do you mean by ‘heated puffer vests?’

A: A heated puffer vest is just like any other puffer coat. Except that it possesses the added benefit of heated interior lining. There are different kinds or types of electrically heated vests available in the market today, varying in sizes and shapes, materials used for manufacturing them, and insulation levels.

Q: Why would anyone go for heated vests?

A: Anyone can go for a heated puffer vest. Some people are already accustomed to heated jackets or heated ski vests whereas others may find heated vests more comfortable and easier to use. Heated puffer vests are often preferred since they provide the added benefit of being worn as regular garments.

Q: Who should buy a heated puffer vest?

A: Heated puffer vests can be used by anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Heated puffer vests are especially useful during cold weather. They provide a lot of warmth and comfort to the wearer.trapping the body heat. The heated puffer vests are filled with synthetic insulation that helps to absorb the heat from the body. The heated puffer vest warms up quickly to provide warmth and comfort during cold weather.

Q: What is a heated puffer vest made from?

A: Heated puffer vests are usually made from high-quality materials such as Gortex, Thinsulate, or other synthetic fibers that trap heat better than other fabrics.

Q: What features do heated puffer vests possess?

A: Heated puffer vests possess a few basic features. They have a heated interior lining with a battery pack attached to it for powering the heating element. Heated vests may be zippered or open-faced. They also feature adjustable straps and belts that help you in keeping the vest in place.

Q: Can heated puffer vests be used for skiing?

A: Yes, heated puffer vests can also be used for skiing. Skiing heated vests are specially designed to provide warmth and comfort during cold weather. But since they are not water-resistant, it’s recommended that you wear a heated puffer vest underneath another outerwear. This will help you save your heated ski jacket from getting wet.

Q: How long does the heated puffer vest run?

A: Heated puffer vests generally last for around 4 hours or so on a single charge, depending on the power setting of the heated puffer vest. The period also depends on the battery capacity of the heated puffer vest.

Q: What are the styles of heated puffer vests?

A: Heated puffer vests come in various styles and designs, so you can always find one to suit your tastes and preferences. Heated puffer vests are available for men and women and they too come in different sizes and color options.

Q: What is the heated puffer vest’s temperature?

A: The heated puffer coat’s temperature usually ranges between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the heated ski vests can go as high as 120 degrees.

Q: What is a heated puffer vest’s power source?

A: Heated puffer vests generally use rechargeable batteries for power. They come with USB cables to charge their batteries. The heated puffer vest can be charged in a car and most cases, heated puffer vests come with cigarette lighter cords for this purpose.

Q: How can I wash the heated puffer vest?

A: Heated puffer vests are machine washable and need to be washed under cold water. They must also be dried in the shade.

Q: What colors of heated puffer coat are available?

A: The heated puffer coats are available in a variety of colors such as black, blue, or red only. Heated ski vests come in many different designs and colors. You are free to request custom colors and designs for your heated puffer vest. The manufacturer will ensure that they deliver exactly what you want.

Q: What are heated puffer vest sizes?

A: Heated puffer jackets come in different sizes. You can choose your heated ski vest size according to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. We have large, medium and small heated puffer vests The size that you choose will depend on your target wearer.

If you are buying heated puffer vests for wholesale, then it will be advisable to buy different sizes of vests. This way, you will be able to meet the needs of different wearers at a single purchase.

Q: What is the difference between a puffer vest and a down vest?

A: Heated puffer vests are filled with synthetic insulation that helps to absorb the heat from the body. Its main goal is to trap heated air for warmth. They are designed for extreme cold weather and are also water-resistant. 

On the other hand, the down vest does not need a heat source for providing thermal resistance or warmth. They are lightweight, soft, thin, and very packable. Down vests are usually worn during mild to cold weather or when you are in a heated environment.

Q: What is the difference between heated puffer vests vs heated padded vests?

A: Heated puffer vests are heated down jackets that come with an insulated outer shell while heated padded vests are heated jackets that do not have an insulated outer shell.

The heated puffer vest gets its warmth from the insulative material used in its construction while heated padded vests get their warmth from conductive materials, like metal or carbon fiber lining.

Q: What is a heated puffer coat’s weight?

A: Heated puffer vests are lightweight and very portable. They weigh around 1-2 lbs only. Heated ski vests, on the other hand, will be heavier than heated puffer vests because they come with an insulated outer shell which adds to their weight

Q: What are heated puffer vest’s advantages?

A: Heated puffer vests have many benefits. Among them are their lightweight design, insulation technology, and universal voltage compatibility. 

You can use heated puffer coats to stay warm in very cold weather because they retain the body heat that emanates from the wearer’s body and they can be used in heated environments because they do not produce heat themselves.

Q: What should I look at when buying heated puffer vests for men?

A: You should consider heated puffer vests that use high-quality insulation materials and heated puffer jackets that come with adjustable features.

Q: What are heated puffer coat’s disadvantages?

A: Heated puffer coats have a couple of disadvantages. A major disadvantage is their battery life which has a limited number of charge cycles that can last up to 5-7 years. Another heated puffer coat’s disadvantage is the high cost of replacement batteries and their costly repairs when they malfunction.

Q: What type of insulation does heated puffer vest use?

A: Heated puffer vests make use of synthetic material with hollow hair-like fibers which help to trap heated air and retain the body heat.

Q: What is a heated puffer coat’s battery life?

A: Heated puffer vests come with removable lithium-ion batteries. The heated puffer coats last up to 8-12 hours when used continuously on the highest setting and they can be recharged 500 times before their power runs out.

Q: What are heated puffer coats’ recommended settings?

A heated puffer vests USB port include three different settings – high, low, and off. You can choose the heated puffer jacket setting depending on the weather conditions. 

The ‘high setting is best for extreme cold weather or if you plan to be outdoors for a long time. The ‘low heated puffer coat setting is best for mild weather, while the heated puffer jackets’ offsetting is best when you don’t want to use it.

Q: Are heated puffer vests heavy?

Heated puffer coats are lightweight and very portable because they only weigh 1-2 lbs. Heated ski vests, on the other hand, will be heavier than heated puffer vests because they come with insulated outer shells which add to their weight.

Q: What does a heated puffer vest’s waterproof rating mean?

A heated puffer vest’s waterproof rating shows its level of protection against water. The heated puffer coats are usually listed with their waterproof ratings after which you can just double check that heated puffer coats’ windproof rating before buying a heated puffer vest for men.

Q: What is puffer jacket filling?

A: Puffer jacket filling is a high quality insulation material that heated puffer coats use in their construction. It traps heated air and heated puffer vests retain the body heat coming from the wearer’s body which helps to keep the wearer warm when outdoors.

Q: How do I buy a heated puffer jacket for wholesale?

A: You can buy heated puffer vests from suppliers from different heated puffer coats wholesale websites. Just make sure you choose a trusted supplier to avoid getting heated puffer coats that are of poor quality or heated puffer vests that only work for a short period before they stop working.

Q: How do I choose a heated puffer vest manufacturer?

Take your time to vet different manufacturers and suppliers of heated puffer vests in China. Each heated puffer coats supplier has its own heated puffer vests’ brands and heated puffer jackets. 

You can also compare different heated puffer vests manufacturers manufacturing costs, the quality of heated puffer coats that they manufacture, and pricing before making a heated puffer coats purchase.

Kolfox: Heated vest puffer manufacturer and  supplier in China

At Kolfox, we are a reputable manufacturer of heated puffer vests for wholesale and heated puffer coats for sale in China. We manufacture heated puffer vests and heated puffer coats of high quality which we sell at competitive rates. If you are looking to buy heated puffer vests or heated puffer coats wholesale, you can check out our online store today and get the heated jackets factory price list.

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