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Kolfox is a professional heated footwears manufacturer and supplier  ,with powerful 12V ,3.7V and 7.4V power supply battery pack or power bank . The Heated footwear gives you 6-8 hours on Low heating that is guaranteed to keep your foot warmer than ever before. You can update the heated footwear temperature levels base on the cold region or environment . 

Our heated footwear was manufacturing and supplies with carbon fiber heating pad (heating element) and the heating zone can be all your foot as you need . And you can customize your heated footwear in different size or colors for hunting, skiing, outdoor working, walking your dog,fishing,hunting,camping etc .

Kolfox manufacturing heated footwear such as heated Socks,heated insole,sheated hoes,heated Slippers ,Remote heated insoles,remote heated socks etc to make your feet warm in cold weather.

Heating Pad: One-zone

Temperature: 40℃-55℃ / Customize

Setting Levels: H,M,L

Battery Pack : 2200mah / Customize

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Your Best Heated Footwear Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Kolfox is a leading heated footwear supplier and manufacturer in China since 2004 with over 16 years experience in intelligent apparel field.Every year we develop new designs for market and we also have patent designs to support VVip clients or special industry. 

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different power supply of heated footwear ,such as 12V heated footwear for motorcycle, 7.4V and 3.7V heated footwear with battery pack.and the heated footwear types including  heated insoles, heated shoes,heated boots,heated socks, heated slippers , Remote heated insoles, Remote heated socks etc .

ANSI,CE,ROHS,UL,standard are available , including IP68 waterproof and windproof, OEM,ODM orders is avilable .Just send us email about your own design or any idea base on our designs. 

Sometimes we can produce heated footwear in stock to support small business or new start business or online buyers. You also can be our KOLFOX brand agency ,dealer or distributor in worldwide market with small MOQ .

Our products are mainly used in freezing, frostbite, and other cold-weather hazards like winter sports ,motorcycle,hunting,skiing,camping, walking,fishing, outdoor work place, or freezing industry for seafood,ice cream company or deap water etc. We have designed and manufactured key components for world famouse enterprise. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products high level service and continuous improvement .

Kolfox is your heated footwear one stop heating system solution company, Contact us get a quick quote today.


Whatever Type Of Heated Footwear, Kolfox Can Fullfill The One-Stop Solution For You

Keep in mind,Kolfox is a trustworthy supplier and manufacturer of heated footwear and we manufacturing a wide range of Heated footwear ,and the most popular types are heated socks, heated insoles, heated shoes .Best of all, you will get all these premium quality products at a competitive market price.  With Kolfox heated footwear, you can feel warm in cold weather even if the weather is under 20 degree . They will keep you warm in days and nights over 8-10hours .Wearing Kolfox Heated footwear is the Greatest way to make you feel warm . Kolfox has various of heated footwear items with safe ,smart and creative.

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Why Kolfox Can Be Your Reliable Heated Footwear Manufacturer and Supplier


Over 16Years Heated Footwear Manufacturing Experience 

Kolfox is a leader of heated footwear manufacturer with Rich experience

SGS,CE,UL,ROHS,ANSI Standard Qualified 

Some of our heated footwear have been certificated by SGS,CE,ROHS,UL etc

Patent Design & Commercial Protection

Kolfox’s mission is Safe,Smart ,Creative ,we always have new design or patent designs for market and we treat our clients as a life long partnership.

24/7 Online Support

We have 24/7 online service to support your any important requirements,contact us now.

4-8 Hours Quote

You will get an instant quote within 4-8hours ,even if we have time difference.

12 Hours Troubleshooting 

We promise to give you a solutions for all your product problems within 12 hours .


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What is heated footwear ? Heated footwear  is a special type of gear specifically designed to heat up your foot in winter or cold situation. There are various types on market.

heated Footwear

We are the best manufacturer and supplier with rich exprience in manufacturing different power supply of heated footwear ,such as 12V heated footwear for motorcycle, 7.4V and 3.7V heated footwear with battery pack.and the heated footwear types including  heated insoles, heated shoes,heated boots,heated socks, heated slippers , Remote heated insoles, Remote heated socks etc .

Frequently Asked Questions about heated Footwear

The average person waits till the weather improves before going hunting, skiing, or fishing. After all, sitting in the cold, risking frostbite and hypothermia, does not appear to be a sensible idea. However, just because you’re outside in the cold doesn’t mean it must be uncomfortable or even unsafe.

Heated Footwear can keep your feet warm and comfortable while also preventing frostbite and hypothermia. When it comes to heated Footwear, you may have some unanswered questions. We researched some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Heated Footwear, which is good news for you.

Is Heated Footwear Safe?

The majority of heated Footwear is relatively safe to wear daily. However, with any item of heated clothing, the possibility of getting the battery pack wet in the rain or snow must be considered. As a result, exercising caution in wet situations is necessary.

Most heated Footwear is perfectly safe to wear every day. However, with any heated garment, the risk of getting the battery pack wet in the rain or snow must be considered. As a result, extreme vigilance is required in damp conditions.

Is Heated footwear Worth It?

If you frequently have cold feet when hiking, a pair of heated Footwear could make a significant difference in your comfort on short day hikes. Heated Footwear is an excellent alternative for anyone who wishes to avoid icy toes during the winter months because they provide warmth to both the top and bottom of your foot.

How Do You Wash Heated Footwear?

The majority of heated Footwear should be hand-washed in warm water, but you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions before doing so. To avoid damaging the footwears’ sensitive internal circuitry, you should remove the battery pack, hand wash them in warm water, and hang them to dry.

Can Diabetics Wear Heated Footwear?

People with diabetes should generally avoid wearing heated Footwear. Because of inadequate circulation in your extremities, diabetes can impair your ability to detect heat and cold in your feet. As a result, it can be challenging to tell if your heated Footwear is excessively hot, perhaps resulting in injury. As a result, if you have diabetes, it’s typically better to wear warm Footwear made specifically for diabetics, although you should always consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

What are the Health Benefits of Heated Footwear?

Although Heated Footwear may appear to be a luxury item, did you realize they have health benefits? Heated Footwear is fantastic for relieving hurting muscles, and did you know that a human foot has ten muscles plus additional 19 muscles that are linked to those muscles? Every day, 29 muscles in each footwork together to let you walk and stand.

If you’re on your feet all day, your muscles are put under a lot of stress.  Furthermore, cold weather tightens muscles and reduces blood supply, making them stiffer and more painful than if you are on your feet all day in warmer weather. Heated Footwear can assist warm up your foot muscles, allowing them to relax and improve blood circulation, reducing pain in those muscles.

Another health benefit of heated Footwear is that putting them on before bed can assist you in falling asleep faster. Heat loss was connected to symptoms of tiredness in a scientific study from Basel, Switzerland. Foot temperature was one of the parameters taken in the study. The test volunteers became tired as the warmth of their feet declined, according to the researchers.

When you wear heated slippers, your foot temperature rises, and when you remove them and go to bed, the change in temperature makes your body feel fatigued, helping you to sleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed the next day.

Why is comfort important when considering heated Footwear?

Isn’t this, after all, the ultimate goal? Comfort should always come first, no matter which pair you choose. Examine the fabrics utilized, the design, and other client feedback. Don’t be fooled by statistics about maximum heat or claims about how toasty and warm your feet will be.  

All of this will be for naught if your feet aren’t comfortable. It will ruin your entire day/experience if you wander about or trek in uncomfortable and bothersome Footwear.  Fortunately, many brands pay special attention to design and comfort. The greatest Footwear is made to be as comfy as possible while being invisible when worn

Why is Battery Life vital when choosing a heated footwarmer?

Another thing to think about is the battery life. Sure, comfort comes first, but if your Footwear only stays warm for a short time, you’re just wearing costly Footwear. So, you can see why it’s crucial to read each sock’s characteristics and examine the expected battery life.

Another factor to consider is the battery life. Sure, comfort is essential, but if your Footwear only keeps you warm for a short time, you’re wasting your money. As you can see, it’s critical to understand the specifications of each Footwear and look at the estimated battery life.

Do You Even Need Heated Footwear?

Heated Footwear is like little electric blankets for your calves and feet, powered by rechargeable batteries and wired for energy distribution. They’re extremely popular with anyone who spends a lot of time outside in the snow or cold, whether it’s on the slopes, on the trails, or just working. They’re also fantastic for tucking into when you’re sleeping while camping.

Heated Footwear, powered by rechargeable batteries and wired for energy distribution, is similar to small electric blankets for your calves and feet. They’re highly popular with anyone who spends a lot of time outside in the snow or cold, whether skiing, hiking, or simply working. They’re also great for tucking into when you’re camping and sleeping.

Why is material necessary in heated Footwear?

The sort of material your heated Footwear is made of should be your initial point of reference, just like any other article of apparel. While most Footwear comprises various materials, paying attention to the main ‘ingredient’ can give you a decent sense of how warm, durable, and pleasant they will be.  

When it comes to heated Footwear, cotton and polyester are the most popular materials. To guarantee optimum performance, they are frequently combined in various quantities. Cotton is a very absorbent material, and polyester is quick-drying, so you can be sure you’ll be comfortable on your feet all day.

How does heated footwear work?

Heated Footwear is nothing out of the ordinary; they are powered by built-in batteries that send heat directly to your feet. Electrons run via the wire, which is equally distributed throughout the Footwear and is responsible for making and keeping your feet warm. Heated Footwear can be controlled using a remote control or by using your smartphone. In either case, you can control the temperature of your Footwear.

Is heated Footwear dangerous?

It’s understandable if you believe heated Footwear is unsafe. This, however, is not the case. The heating elements implanted in them are intertwined with non-tech layers and never come into direct touch with your feet. The automatic shut-off feature that activates when Footwear becomes too hot or malfunction helps you avoid potentially harmful situations.

There’s also a very slim probability that heated Footwear will catch fire. You do not need to worry about the built-in battery putting you in danger as long as it is in good functioning order — it isn’t damaged or stinking.

Can heated Footwear get wet?

As a general rule, batteries should not be immersed in water. We don’t recommend purchasing heated insoles if you expect your feet to be sweaty at the end of the day. On the other hand, some varieties are water-resistant and perform well in wicking sweat and other liquids away. To be safe, don’t assume something is waterproof until it specifically states so.

Why are heated insoles safe?

Heated Footwear is safe because the batteries only produce a modest voltage. Even if the charge got into your body, it would only cause minor discomfort. In the worst-case scenario, you will be completely safe. In reality, you will never be exposed to it because of the high quality of the battery and the strict safety standards that it must meet. The majority of batteries are resistant to water and can even be cleaned with it.

Because the amps are smaller, you won’t have to worry about the battery overheating. It will stay cool and provide a steady supply of warmth to the heating element, whether connected to your ankle or under your foot. If the insoles become too hot, you may always turn them off. Some even come with remote controls for lowering the temperature. You don’t have to be concerned about your safety with all of these things in play.

Is heated Footwear any good?

Heated Footwear is a popular choice. The amount of heat produced is significant, and it will keep them warm without overheating. Although the majority of them are well-made, some of the less priced brands can be untrustworthy. You’ll want to make sure you’re obtaining your insoles from a reputable retailer.

Where can I use heated insoles?

Heated Footwear is quite versatile and can be used in a wide range of settings. In the thick of winter, you might be skiing, hiking, or even visiting a sports stadium. No matter where you are, your heated Footwear can support you and provide extra warmth.

When should I replace my battery heated Footwear?

We recommend replacing your insoles whenever you notice a lack of comfort or support. Several factors influence product wear, including activity, usage, and foot form, but heated Footwear should last six months or longer with regular casual use.  We recommend replacing your Footwear when you notice a lack of comfort or support. Exercise, usage, and foot shape all influence how long your heated insoles last, but with average casual use, they should last six months or longer.

Will they burn me if I use them directly against my skin?

Yes. Warmers should never be placed directly on the skin. Direct skin contact might cause burns due to the chemical process used in the pouches to keep your and toes warm in severely cold situations.

How long do they take to heat up?

The oxidation process starts right away, and during the next 20 minutes, you’ll observe a progressive increase in heat. You’ll feel the warmth much sooner, so place each bag into your gloves or winter boots as quickly as possible after shaking it.  

Is expensive heated Footwear worth it?

It’s generally a good idea to invest in a long-lasting model if your toes are constantly cold. Better batteries, more constant heat regulation, a more comfortable design, and longer overall life are all features found in more expensive versions. If you only use them once in a while or just looking for something to keep you warm, you won’t need to spend on long-term battery-heated Footwear.  

Is heated Footwear safe for children to use?

Yes, as long as your children can verbally express their unhappiness. Although electric heated Footwear is perfectly safe, make sure your youngster can communicate with you if they grow too hot. Look for an insole that says “particularly for kids” to ensure a correct fit and rest easy, knowing that all necessary safety precautions have been taken in the design.  

Do foot warmers get smelly after prolonged use?

Foot warmers, however, absorb odors, and feet are infamous for being the worst offenders for body odors. Most of the foot warmers we’ve encountered have removable, machine-washable coverings, which is a welcome feature. Follow the washing directions and run them through the appropriate cycle.  


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With the Best Heated Footwear, you can enjoy your favorite winter activities while keeping your feet warm. These foot warmers, which range in price from rechargeable to disposable, are an excellent way to alleviate any pain or discomfort you may be feeling throughout the winter months. Consider how much time you’ll be outside and how much heat you’ll be producing.

But remember, no matter the customization needed on your heated footwear, Kolfox is the best-heated footwear supplier and manufacturer in China. Contact us and we will deliver to your expectation.

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