Heated Vest for men

Kolfox Heated Vest For Men

Kolfox is a professional manufacturer and supplier of men’s heated vests,with powerful 12V ,5V and 7.4V power supply battery pack or power bank . The Heated vest gives you 6-8 hours on Low heating that is guaranteed to keep you warmer than ever before. You can update the men’s heated vests temperature levels base on the cold region or environment . 

Our men’s heated vests are manufacturing with carbon fiber heating pad (heating element) and the heating zone can be all your body as you need . Usually they are on back, neck,chest. And you can customize your heated vests in S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL size foe men and women .

Kolfox have a lot of heated Vest for men,The Market also inquiry lots of heated Vest for men in Winter .Kolfox also can accept your OEM, ODM orders according to clients request.

Kolfox will provide you ONE STOP Solutions service anytime,anywhere.

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Your Best Men’s Heated Vest Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Kolfox is a leading heated vest for supplier and manufacturer in China since 2004 with over 16 years experience in intelligent apparel field.Every year we develop new designs for market and we also have patent designs to support VVip clients or special industry. 

We have rich exprience in manufacturing different type of mens heated vests,such as 12V motorcycle heated vest, 7.4V heated vest and 5V heated vest , heated hunting vest ,heated down vest ,heated fleece vest ,heated softshell vest ,heated Hi Vis vest ,Heated skiing vest , heated vest for women, heated vest for men, Led Hi Vis heated vest etc .

ANSI,CE,ROHS,UL,standard are available , including IP68 waterproof and windproof, OEM,ODM orders is avilable .Just send us email about your own design or any idea base on our designs. 

Sometimes we can produce men’s and women’s heated vest in stock to support small business or new start business or online buyers. You also can be our KOLFOX brand agency ,dealer or distributor in worldwide market with small MOQ .

Our products are mainly used in freezing, frostbite, and other cold-weather hazards like winter sports ,motorcycle,hunting,skiing,camping, walking,fishing, outdoor work place, or freezing industry for seafood,ice cream company or deap water etc.

We have designed and manufactured key components for world famouse enterprise. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products high level service and continuous improvement .

Kolfox is your men’s heated vest one stop heating system solution company, Contact us get a quick quote today.

Kolfox Heated Vest For Men Advantages

  • Power: 5V,7.4V,12V 
  • Heating Zone: Back-one, Chest -Two etc
  • Warranty:6-12months
  • Running Time: Up to 10hrs in Low

Material Contents:

  • Fabric: 94% polyester. 6% spandex.
  • Breathable fleece-lined softshell.
  • Water-resistant softshell sheds rain and snow.
  • Advanced heat-trapping insulation layer.
  • Ultra-fine carbon fiber heating pads
  • YKK Zippers

Estimated Heating Times:

  • High (Red): 150F – 2+ Hours
  • Medium (White): 130F – 3+ Hours
  • Low (Blue): 110F – 4.5+ Hours


  • (1) Kolfox Heated Vest for men
  • (1) Kolfox 5V/7.4V power bank (6700mah)
  • (1) DC/USB Charging Kit

Whatever Type Of Men’s Heated vests, Kolfox Can Fullfill The One-Stop Solution For You

Keep in mind,we offer a wide range of Heated Vests .Best of all, you will get all these premium quality products at a competitive market price.  With Kolfox heated vests, you can feel warm in cold weather even if the weather is under 20 degree . They will keep you warm in days and nights over 8-10hours .Wearing Kolfox Heated vest is the Greatest way to make you feel warm . Kolfox has various of heated vest with safe ,smart and creative.

Keep in mind,Kolfox is a professional manufacturer with a wide range of Heated Vests such as Heated Vest for Men,Heated Vest For Women, Heated Down Vest,Heated Fleece Vest, Heated Puffer Vest,Heated Workwear Vest, Hi Vis Heated Vest. 

China Best Heated Vest Supplier Manufacturer wholesaler

Why Kolfox Can Be Your Reliable Men’s Heated Vest Manufacturer & Supplier

Over 16Years Heated Vest Manufacturing Experience 

Kolfox is a leader of heated Vest manufacturer with Rich experience

SGS,CE,UL,ROHS,ANSI Standard Qualified 

Some of our heated Vest have been certificated by SGS,CE,ROHS,UL etc

Patent Design & Commercial Protection

Kolfox’s mission is Safe,Smart ,Creative ,we always have new design or patent designs for market and we treat our clients as a life long partnership.

24/7 Online Support

We have 24/7 online service to support your any important requirements,contact us now.

4-8 Hours Quote

You will get an instant quote within 4-8hours ,even if we have time difference.

12 Hours Troubleshooting 

We promise to give you a solutions for all your product problems within 12 hours .


Kolfox : Your Premier Choice of All men’s Heated Vest Supplies and Manufacturing

What is heated Vest? Heated vest is a special type of jacket specifically designed to heat up your body in winter or cold situation. There are various types for different applications.

Kolfox is specialized in heated vest manufacturing since 2004 with rich exprience in manufacturing different type of heated vests,such as 12V motorcycle heated vest, 7.4V heated vest and 5V heated vest , heated hunting vest ,heated down vest ,heated fleece vest ,heated softshell vest ,heated Hi Vis vest ,Heated skiing vest , heated vest for women, heated vest for men, Led Hi Vis heated vest etc .

How To Import heated Vest From China

Frequently Asked Questions About Heated Vest 

Are you planning to buy heated vests for sale? Importing heated vests in China will be the best option for you. Many retailers and even wholesalers from different countries around the world tend to buy their heated vests in China.

Before you buy heated jackets, there are number of things that you should know. Most of the issues will ensure that you get the right jackets from the heated jackets manufacturers in China. Here are the frequently asked questions about heated jackets.

What are heated vests?

Heated vests are heated clothing accessories that have been made from various heated materials. These heated vests can warm you up to a specific temperature. They have been designed in such a way that they will keep your body heat inside and the cold air out of it.

Can you wear heated vest in rain?

 While heated vests are water resistant, we recommend removing heated vest during heavy rains to prevent malfunction due to humidity and moisture.

Otherwise, you can easily wear quality heated vest when it is raining. The vest will be able to supply adequate heat that you will need.

Are heated vest are only safe for adults to wear?

Heated vests are designed for both children and adults. It all depends on the model that you choose. Ensure to take into account the size specifications when purchasing heated vest from any store of your choice.

Proper storage is also important to ensure heated vests are safe for use. Some heated vests come with instructions on how to safely store heated vest when not in use.

Heated vest can be used during the summer season?

Yes, that’s correct. Heated vest are ideal to wear during any season of the year. The only difference is that you will have to adjust its temperature settings as per climate conditions of your local area and skin sensitivity level.

 Heated vest should be attached firmly to the body?

Heated vests should fit snugly to your upper torso just off your heart and below your neck. They come with adjustable straps allowing you make adjustments, if necessary for proper fitting, after wearing a quality heated vest from trustworthy store of choice.

Heated vest are heavy and bulky?

No heated vest should be heavy to wear. In fact, some heated vests weigh less than their equivalents in the plastic battery heated clothing.

It’s a myth that heated vests are bulky and hot to wear during winter seasons. heated vests use latest technology that allows them heat your body for warming purposes easily.

Heated vest can cover back muscles well?

Yes, heated vests are designed with ergonomic features intended for comfort when wearing. Some models have specific designs (like heating pads) that allow you cover upper back muscles well even with layers of clothes. All it takes is proper size selection from stores.

Heated vest allows you regulate temperature settings?

Manufacturers of heated vests ensure that they allow you to easily regulate the temperature settings according to your environment conditions.

It is upon you to verify the detailed features of the heated vests. Check out if it has the control features that will allow you to regulate the temperatures.

 Heated vest offer benefits to users when fishing, travelling or doing exercise outdoors?

 Yes, heated vests can help add layer of warmth when you are outside in chilly temperatures. Some heated vests use renewable energy sources like solar power for maximum benefit. Just make sure that you purchase quality products from trusted stores to enjoy the intended benefits.

 Heated vest should not be used without monitoring body’s reaction towards heated vest first?

Yes, safety regulations require individuals using heated vest at least 24 hours before they can use it with other persons around them. Heated vests should never be used without expert supervision.

Heated vest can be used for a long period of time?

 Yes, heated vests are designed with sturdy material and components that allow you use heated vest for a longer duration. Proper maintenance is also essential to ensure heated vests last longer in good condition.

Heated vest come with warranty?

Yes, heated vests are available in different models and brands from all over the world. It is upon you to make wise choices when looking for heated vests at your local stores or online store of choice.

Always look for quality products backed up by manufacturer’s assurance of some months depending on model purchased. Manufacturers usually offer warranties if consumers find non-conformance, defects during the usage period mentioned on the guarantee card.

Heated vest can be returned to the manufacturer where you purchased heated vests within warranty period for replacement or repair.

Heated vest have better heating technologies?

Yes, they do heat your body uniformly when you wear them after proper setting of temperature levels. Heated vests are designed with different materials that allow heated vests get heated to optimal temperatures for warming your body and other parts of the body you want heated when wearing heated vest during cold seasons.

Heated vest are expensive not affordable for all?

No, heated vests have different price ranges as they come from different manufacturers and online stores. You can find heated vests priced differently depending on quality, durability among others in retail stores selling heated products or online shopping sites.

 The prices sometimes vary according to the brand names and unique style features found in heated vests available on sale at that particular time.

 Some models are specifically made to offer warmth to certain parts of the body like arms or back etc. Heated vests with wider variation in features and benefits can easily attract high price. Contact heated jackets manufacturers for details about prices.

Do heated vest work well with other heating accessories?

Yes, heated vests are designed to function well with heated gloves, heated socks, and heated pants for better results especially during winter periods. If the clothing pieces you choose do not match up well in terms of power sources and features then it may affect their functionality in keeping your body heated during winter periods.

Heated vest usually run on batteries while heated gloves, heated socks and heated pants are plugged into power sources to function properly. The best ones available in the market have been designed with easy operation features for convenience of their users.

 Do heated vest have waterproof or water resistant features?

Yes heated vests are designed with quality materials that make heated vests last longer when used with proper care. Many heated vests also come with special features that resist water from entering inside insulated heating elements.

This feature makes them ideal for use even during rainy seasons without fearing about damaging your expensive heated vest. You can always check out your desired model for waterproof feature before you make payments to a manufacturer or supplier.

Heated vest with waterproof features are also easy to clean when stained by mud or dirt found on roads especially during rainy seasons

Heated vest can be used by disabled people?

Yes heated vests have been designed for both young and old people alike. People who may not be able to wear or manage other heating accessories like heated gloves or socks due to health reasons usually prefer heated vests over others. This is because heated vests do not involve direct contact with the skin thus improving their safety measures which is of prime concern for many people.

Heated vest can be worn by cancer patients?

Yes, heated vests are designed to keep a person’s body warm especially during cold periods like winter months. Heated clothing accessories like gloves, socks, heated vest have been used by many cancer patients to improve their health conditions especially when they are undergoing chemotherapy sessions and radiation therapy.

Heated vest can be used even if it is not winter times?

Yes, heated vest at times may be used during summer season or spring periods because heated vests are designed with power sources that allow you to control the temperatures inside insulated heating elements.

You just need to adjust the temperature settings according to what you want heated vest to do for your body during summer or spring periods.

Do heated vests use battery power?

Yes heated vests are designed with rechargeable batteries or long lasting non-rechargeable batteries. Some heated vests have both types of battery built into them for convenient use when on the go.

You can always check out your desired model before making payments to a manufacturer or supplier for more information about their heated vest’s power sources and individual features that may affect its performance in keeping your body warm than they should have been.

Are heated vests plugged into electricity source?

No, heated vests are not plugged into an electrical source. Instead, they are heated by battery power. Heated vests can have long lasting rechargeable batteries that last for several hours depending on the model you require to use.  

This means that you are bound to enjoy maximum flexibility when it comes to using the heated vests. Simply stated, you don’t have to be near an electricity source to  use the vest.

Heated vest can be worn under any type of clothing?

Yes heated vests are designed to fit under different types of clothing so as to improve their efficiency when it comes to the supply of heat.

 You can wear heated vests under any type of clothing regardless what you may be wearing such as shirts, jackets or even t-shirts because heated vests are designed to keep a person’s whole body warm not only their arms and legs like heated gloves or socks.

Can heated vest can be washed?

Yes heated vests are usually easy to clean using soap and water solution for outer shells as well as the insulating liners inside them.

It is recommended not to wash heated vests with other clothing items to avoid damaging heated vests heating elements that come into direct contact with fabrics inside clothing accessories.

 If damaged heated vest heated elements may no longer produce enough heat to keep a person’s body warm than they should have been.

How can I buy heated vests for wholesale?

The heated vest market is a competitive marketplace that has heated vest suppliers and heated vest manufacturers looking to boost their sales with heated vests distributors worldwide.

Heated vests wholesalers are always on the lookout for heated vest  importers who purchase heated vests in large numbers from one manufacturer to resell back into the heated vest distribution channel thus providing heated vests manufacturers an additional wholesale customer’s base.

How can I find affordable heated jacket manufacturers?

Heated jacket manufacturers are also heated vest suppliers who have heated jackets they want to sell for wholesale prices.

Heated vest suppliers usually deal with distributors and heated vest manufacturers directly without increasing the prices of the vests. So, if you are planning to buy heated vests for sale and get impressive margins, find affordable manufacturers and suppliers.

Should I choose heated vest manufacturers in China?

Heated vest manufacturers in China have heated vests for sale at affordable wholesale heated vest prices. Heated vest suppliers usually outsource heated vest production to heated jacket manufacturers in China because it is a lower cost option while still maintaining their heated vest quality control standards.

 Where can I buy affordable heated vests?

Heated vests wholesale distributors with heated jackets contracts in place are always looking for new retail customers worldwide. If you need more heated vests please contact the wholesaler to discuss your specific requirements.


Kolfox: Reliable men’s heated vests manufacturer

Are you in the business of selling heated vests or you are planning to get into this business? Let us be your partners. At Kolfox, we design and manufacture quality heated vests. We have both heated vests for men and heated vests for women.

Our heated vests are designed to keep your body warm even when the weather gets cold. If you sell heated vests, we can supply you with our heated products at wholesale prices. Being a reseller or distributor of heated clothing has its positive sides such as being able to:

  1. Distribute heated vests to a wide range of consumers
  2. Create employment opportunities for people in your locality
  3. Make good profits from heated vest sales

Heated clothing can be worn by both men and women at home as well as outdoors during cold weather conditions. If you resell heated clothing, you will find heated vest to be most profitable.

We have heated vests designed with and without logos for companies, organizations or individuals.

If you want to buy heated clothing at wholesale prices, contact us today. You can also get in touch with us via our website kolfox.com where we provide heated vest wholesale prices.

Kolfox : Your Leading Men’s Heated Vests Manufacturer and supplier In China

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Do you want to cooperate with a heated vest manufacturer and supplier who treat you as a life long partner ?

You are coming to the right place. On this pages,you will get a clear idea about all heated vest and clothing concerned information. 

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