heating pad

Kolfox Heating Pad

Material : Carbon Fiber

Heating Zone : one-zone,two-zone,three-zone

                          Four-zone,Five-zone,Six-zone etc

Usage:Heated Clothing,Heated gear ,all heated products

Power : 12V, 7.4V, 5V

Heating Position: Neck, Arm, Back, Chest,Leg,Belly

Heating Pad was made by Carbon Fiber Heating Wire which Imported From Japan.It’s Simple and convenient, energy saving and environmental protection
The carbon fiber heating wire imported from Japan has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to oxidation, long qualitative life at high temperature, and high heat conversion rate.
Ensure stable heat generation and reject short-circuit conditions that are easy to oxidize and blow.
Choose non-woven fabric / grid nylon fabric / brushed fabric, also can customize the fabric according to customer needs
Heating Wire
Use Japan imported carbon fiber heating wire or composite carbon fiber wire for reasonable wiring
Waterproof Treatment
This carbon fiber heating pad is hot-pressed to achieve better waterproof effect.
Kolfox-Heating Element

How To Us The Heating Pad Products ?

Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on / off, the default high temperature range is turned on, and the red LED is always on at this time
Short press to switch to medium temperature, white LED is always on at this time, short press to switch to low temperature, blue LED is always on
Short press again to switch to high temperature,red-white-blue repeat cycle
1 The high-power LED is displayed in red and the output probability is 100
2 The middle power LED is white and the output probability is 70
3 Low-power LED is blue and output probability is 50
4 Press and hold the shutdown button. When the switch is in the working state, you can press and hold for 2 seconds to shut down at any position.