How To Wash A Heated Jacket And Clothing

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Milwaukee Heated JacketCan heating clothes be washed? What are the precautions?

Spring is all over most parts of the country, and now the heated clothing by kolfox should be stored until next year. However, before you do this, it is best to wash your heated clothes to get rid of sweat, dirt and moisture for a season. In this way, everything will be clean at the first sign of coming back in winter.
Of course, the obvious question here is: “Can I safely wash heated clothes?” For most heated apparel sold in kolfox offline stores, the answer is yes, but we recommend that you first check  heated clothing manufacturer’s care instructions. These can usually be found on the internal label of the clothing or on the manufacturer’s website, and should always replace any other recommendations for washing that particular item.
 If the heated clothes do not have care instructions, the following general guidelines can be followed:
· Disconnect the battery pack from your heated clothing and store the connector in the battery compartment
· Make sure the pockets of the heated clothes are empty before washing
· Apply stain remover or spot treatment products to heavily soiled areas to improve the chance of cleaning clothes for the first time
· Set the washing machine to the mildest cycle and use only cold or warm water
· Whenever possible, please use a mesh washing bag to wash the heated clothing, especially when it is provided with the heated clothing
· After the washing cycle is completed, immediately remove the items from the machine
· Dry your heated clothes only on a hanger or clothesline
· Do not twist or wring the heated clothes dry, as this may damage the heating elements and connection points
· Battery heated gloves and 12V heated insoles should only be partially cleaned
· Always store heated clothing with the battery removed and cables disconnected
The heated clothing and electric heated gears you buy from kolfox are designed to withstand occasional, gentle washing cycles and line drying. As long as you avoid dry cleaning, twisting and wringing out items, they should come out of the washing machine in good working condition.

heated clothingYou may bought one best battery heated jacket online or you got one electric battery heated jacket from your family in winter. You love it very much . You feel it , touch it and wear the best heated jacket quickly on your body.
But few days later you were thinking about : How to wash a Milwaukee, DEWALT ,ORORO or Bosch ,Makita Heated Jacket / Coat / Hoodie / Sweater/parka ?

Don’t worry , you have come the right place .So,we give you 5 tips step by step..

Adequate maintenance consists of only a few simple steps to ensure your heated jacket continues to remain lofty, consistently insulated, and in good shape. From the face material to the down filling, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to keep your high-tech heated jackets in good condition season after season..

4.7/5 - (90 votes)

5 Steps To Guide You 

The clients or end user always ask us some questions about how to wash a heated clothing  when they get one heated apparel.

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If you have any of above questions, you have come the right place . we will give you the answers you need .

In This content we will guide you How to wash a Milwaukee, DEWALT ,Makita or Bosch Heated Jacket / Coat / Hoodie / Sweater/clothing etc.

Tips 1 :Washing Method

You will have two methods to clean your heated jacket at home or a hotel .

You can wash your heated jacket by hand as normal. oryou can wahs your heated jacket by machine on a delicate cycle.If possible , please use a laundry bag to take care your heated jacket fabrics . It depends on your heated jacket material .


Tips 2 :Remove Your Power Bank

Have you ever thought that a power bank is used inside a heated jacket? Every heated jacket is equipped with a power bank that have been waterproofed.
In contrast, we strongly advise removing your power bank before washing more as a courtesy to your washing machine, as there is still a chance that it will be destroyed in your washing machine even if it is water-resistant.

 heated jacket power bank

Tips 3 : Remove All the Strong Stain

Whether you’re in the morning shoveling last night’s snowstorm or just an untidy eater, if there’s a persistent stain or equally for spots with mud and dry sweat, you can use a diluted soap solution, preferably fluid, and mix it in half with water. You must shake it vigorously to ensure that no undiluted washing liquid remains. Previously, you could spray the solution on any dye spots and leave it for nearly 30 minutes

Note: When you start cleaning, remember to take out your heater jacket pocket and close the zipper. If you try to find a persistent surface on the lining, don’t be surprise, you need to use more washing solutions than usual.

heated jacket

Tips 4 :Wash Your Heated Jackets

People often believe that washing their heated jacket is dangerous and that it will be ruined, but this is a tricky one. If you can keep some of this stuff up, you’ll get the puffy look for your jacket.
To begin, you must locate a pre-loaded washing machine. You only need to do this for the mixer, which has a large central section, and the top loader, which may harm your jacket by ripping or clasping the jacket material. If you can’t use a front-end loader, fold your jacket and place it in a garment bag or pillowcase for extra protection.
Additional precautions include not using super-hot water, bleach, or folding your heated jacket excessively, which may result in excessive compression of your jacket. To give your jacket a relaxing warm bath, use warm water and a gentle cycle.

heated softshell jacket

Tips 5 :Dry Your Heated Jackets

At the moment, it is an important part of drying any washed heated jacket. Even if it’s very tempting, resist the urge to squeeze your jacket at first. Don’t! Put your step on a heated jacket, especially when it is wet, as this will harm the feathers.
You may not have a dryer at home, but you can dry your heated jacket at any time. To do so, store your jacket in a warm, dry place and cover it with a towel to protect it from direct sunlight.

Note: You must understand that drying a heated jacket is a time-consuming process, so plan on spending some time at home. You can’t use too much heat to dry your jacket without damaging it. When your jacket is dry, store it in a well-ventilated area. This prevents any remaining dampness from causing a drop in the filling.

washable heated jacket


To keep your heated jacket looking great, clean it thoroughly before storing it for the summer.
Finally, make sure your heated jacket is taking a summer break. Ensure this by placing your jacket in a location with adequate air circulation. Follow these steps outlined above and your heated jacket will be in top shape to keep you warm and comfortable for many years to come!

Here is a feedback from one client- ” Washed my husbands jacket for the first time. Now it will be a nice surprise instead of “Um honey member how you wanted to wash your jacket,… well I kinda messed it up” lol. Thanks”


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