led hi vis vest

Kolfox Led Hi Vis Heated Vest

Welcome to check Kolfox Led Hi Vis heated vest, Kolfox designed and manufacturing this patent LED Hi Vis heated vest in 2020 in orange , green colors , and size is S, M, L , XL, XXL , XXXL  .It’s a High vis Reflective Safety  Battery Heated workwear for Construction, working, policeman or triffic workers in winter night. 

Kolfox is the world’s first manufacturer and designer of LED Hi Vis heated jacket or vest . It’s quality heated jacket for special workers in a cold night to keep you safe. 

Name: Led Hi Vis Heated Vest

Power : 5V /7.4V

Battery : 7500mah

Running Time : 4-9hours

Leds: 12pcs (Customized )

Temperature: High,Medium,Low 

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Kolfox is World’s Best Led Hi-Vis Heated Vest Jacket Manufacturer In China!

In 2020, the Covid-19 stopped our Vip clients to visit kolfox team for new project. And also stopped us to visit our customers in Eroupe and North America.We miss the face to face meeting time so much . We smile, chat and work together as a close friend and thusrtworth partner .

led hi vis heated vest

Led HI-VIS Heated Jacket

Business has to move on, we had many video meeting and calls , emails to disccuss the coming projects. We try our best to support our clients with best quotation, quality , service , order follow-up video,photos etc . So they felt like close to us.Our team did a great Job to serve our clients.

World’s First New Design Patent Led Hi-vis heated Vest Jacket from Kolfox


In 2020, we took a lot of time to do marketing research from google and the market. We found there is some deep request from end-user in the Industry market. Our Heated vest Jacket makes people warm from cold weather in day and night time. However, some people need to be safe and warm on a cold night.

So, the Kolfox Team focuses on developing a new hi-Vis heated vest jacket with led flash lighting in red. This is a 2 in 1 function Led Hi-vis heated jacket which can be seen from 800 meters distance far away.

360-degree security protection LED Hi-vis heated Vest jacket

This Kolfox LED Hi-vis heated vest jacket has 12pcs red LEDs on the jacket, Front, and back both have 6pcs red LEDs on the heated jacket.

the arms can be off with zippers , it changes to a Hi Vis heated vest quickly .

This is a 2 in 1 jacket and vest .

hi Vis heated jacket

hi Vis heated Vest jacket

Also, the LEDs will make you safe when you bend your body. The LEDs close to two shoulders have strong red led lighting to warn others.

left & right with 3pcs per side on back or front jacket