What Is Electric Heated Clothing?

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What kind of clothing is the heated clothing?
With the improvement of our living standards, science and technology are also constantly developing, and many clothing designs in our lives have begun to have a higher level. Therefore, heated clothing plays a very important role in our lives. Presumably many consumers We don’t know much about this kind of clothing, so let’s give you a comprehensive introduction. What kind of clothing is an electric heated clothing?
      An electric heated clothing is to install a heating element on a part of the clothes or a designated part, and the heating technology of the heating element is embedded inside the clothes. After power on, the temperature inside the clothes can be generated. This means that when you wear the heated clothing, you are outdoors. Feel warm in cold weather.
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    The heated clothing produced by KOLFOX uses very unique far-infrared heating technology, and also uses advanced metal composite fiber heating elements, a complete set of far-infrared electric heating technology and modern intelligent temperature control technology developed by itself, and wireless intelligent temperature control through APP, so The overall wearing is very comfortable and there will be no foreign body sensation. The most important thing is to feel the warmth while promoting blood circulation, balancing human physiological functions and enhancing human immunity. It has good maintenance and protection for middle-aged and weak people. It has health benefits and can ensure the safety of overall use, and its competitiveness in the market is also very strong.
      Heated clothing is a new type of winter cold-proof clothing. In our lives, it has now been widely used and obtained a national invention patent. Therefore, it is now more popular in many high outdoor cold winter work, and wear It was really warm after going up, and frostbite was avoided when working in a cold climate.

The heated clothing are safe and comfortable to make you feel warm in winter

Heated GEAR manufacturer In China
The winter in northern China is the coldest, but in fact, many southern regions have to withstand a colder climate than the northeast, because the northeastern region can have very good heating facilities, but in most parts of the south, there is no heating in winter Equipment, at this time, electric heated clothing are needed to spend a more comfortable and warm winter, and the safety of use can also be guaranteed.
The heated clothing are made of metal fiber materials, which can be said to be very expensive, and after wearing such clothes, you will not feel uncomfortable, and will keep you hot, so you can naturally let yourself There is a feeling of warmth in the cold winter, and this kind of clothing is usually safer. As long as you buy the heated clothing produced by a regular manufacturer, you can use it with confidence to keep warm.
heated clothing mainly generates heat through the heating wire. The whole heating is particularly safe. There is no need to worry about quality problems. The raw materials produced by regular domestic manufacturers are imported, so although the price is more expensive, it is absolutely guaranteed to use The safety and long-term use quality can also be guaranteed, so the cost performance is still relatively high.
Everyone needs to pay attention to brand issues when choosing heated clothing, so that the safety and effect of use can be better guaranteed, so that you can feel different warmth in winter, and no longer have to worry about freezing in winter. It promotes metabolism and blood circulation very fast, which will also have a good function and promotion effect for physical therapy and health care.

Adjust the temperature of Heated Clothes

High tech! You can adjust the temperature of this heating vest as needed
When winter comes, you want warmth, but you don’t want to be overwhelming. This hot vest suits you best
Heated Vest for men
This heating vest is very light to wear on the body and easy to carry. It is very suitable for skiing, camping or fishing. The most important thing is that this heat-generating vest will heat up and keep warm, with 3-speed temperature control and APP wireless control. You can adjust the temperature of your clothes according to the weather.
Depending on the intensity of the temperature setting, the heating life of the heating suit is 4-8 hours. Equipped with a KOLFOX special battery, the built-in heating technology system can also realize local heating or heating of designated parts, such as shoulders, back and other places that are easy to catch cold.
In addition to heating and heating, the battery of this electric vest can also charge your mobile phone and has the function of relieving soreness and fatigue.

Where can I buy Kolfox Heated clothes?

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 You can visit our offcial website www.kolfox.com and check which kind of  smart clothes do you like , on our website you can buy different smart clothing like warm heated clothing, safety LED clothing, Cooling Fan clothing etc .

Security thermal Heated clothing

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Security anti-photoelectric thermal clothing can overcome the severe cold for you, and keep you on your postition.
Southerners are carefully coping with the coolness of late autumn, but northerners are about to welcome the snow in early winter. According to the official news of China Weather Network: “For three days from today (October 12), cold air will continue to frequently affect the central and eastern regions of my country. The northeast region will start the season shift between autumn and winter, and the temperature in Huanghuai and other places will drop significantly.” , But no matter how harsh the environmental conditions are, the public security traffic police are not afraid, stick to their posts and guard the people. But the brave police traffic police is also a mortal body, and it will hurt when it is cold. In the coming cold winter, our public security traffic police need an electric heating suit to actively heat them to resist the cold, so that they can survive the winter without fear of wind and frost.
Security reflective photoelectric thermal clothing is specially designed for public security traffic police who stick to their posts in the cold. It has many advantages, such as: active heating and heating, windproof and waterproof design, high reflective warning to enhance safety factor, removable inner tank, convenient and practical.

Active heating System

hi vis heated workwear jacket

Security anti-photoelectric thermal clothing, with heating sheet as an important element, active heating, active heating, the heating area is mainly on the chest, shoulders and back. In cold weather, the public security traffic police are on duty outdoors, and the security anti-photoelectric thermal clothing is powered by batteries, which continuously heats them and keeps their bodies warm. The security anti-photoelectric thermal clothing can be heated by one button, the temperature can be adjusted in three levels, intelligent temperature control, intelligent constant temperature, and good thermal insulation effect.

Waterproof design

The fabrics of the security reflective photoelectric thermal clothing are mainly 300D Oxford cloth, diamond intertwined cotton, TC bright silver reflective strips, and British Lunge. The high-end waterproof fabric uses the watering principle of the lotus leaf, which can make the water droplets fall off with a light shake and prevent the water droplets from leaking. It has good waterproof and antifouling properties. In addition, the clothes zipper is designed with a seamless zipper ventilation system, and the zipper seams are seamlessly laminated, waterproof and rainproof, and can effectively block the wind. The humanized design can reduce the stuffiness and keep warm and comfortable.

 Reflective warning

The security reflective photoelectric thermal clothing is designed with TC bright silver reflective strips, the reflective intensity is above 380, the electrical thermal clothing is 360° reflective, and has high visibility at night, especially in dark conditions, can emit eye-catching signs, which can effectively enhance human recognition Ability, see the target clearly, play the role of warning and facilitating discovery, and play an obvious protective role for the safety of the public security traffic police.

Removable liner

For convenience, the electric heating suit is designed with a detachable thick cotton-padded jacket liner. Both sides of the cotton-padded jacket are connected by zippers, which can be disassembled according to requirements. The disassembly operation is simple and very convenient and intimate. The electric heating suit is also designed with large-capacity pockets, which can be used for carrying items. The Velcro pockets are easy to tear and can prevent rain and snow from entering the pockets.
heated hi vis jacket 2
Weather changes such as face change and cooling seasons are most likely to catch cold and get sick. Therefore, keep warm and avoid catching cold. Security anti-photoelectric thermal clothing, cold and warm, in cold weather for public security traffic police to overcome the severe cold, accompany them to stick to their posts.


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